Worried that your claim won't be accepted?

Our panel of solicitors are selected for their broad expertise in handling and winning personal injury and clinical negligence cases.

Before a personal injury solicitor decides whether to take a case on, they must first carry out a risk assessment. This is the process where a solicitor looks at the probability that the case will be successful.

Most people are aware that the solicitor will need to confirm that:

  • there has been an injury,
  • that the accident date (or date of discovery) occurred within the past three years, and,
  • that another party owed the claimant a duty of care.

What is less well known is that solicitors working on a "No Win, No Fee" basis must satisfy their insurers that the probability of success is acceptable. This means the likelihood of success must be typically 50% or often greater.

Assessing the strength of a case is not an exact science. This fact, together with the varied requirements of different insurers, can mean that some firms are more likely to pursue certain cases than others.

Quittance actively manage our panel to ensure that every measure is in place to maximise the chances a case will be taken on.

In the event that a solicitor cannot take on a case, we operate a "Second Opinion" process.

This process means that we always get another personal injury specialist to look at a file that has not been initially accepted.

The Second Opinion process means an increased likelihood of a case being taken on even if it is potentially harder to win.