What do clients want from a solicitor? Survey results

We carried out a UK-wide consumer survey, asking home movers how their experience of using a solicitor could have been improved*.

Google Surveys was selected for the research project as it offers the ideal platform for market research where relevant audience targeting within a short time frame was possible.

Candidates were screened so that they met specific criteria. The candidates were considered to be suitable respondents if they:

  • have used the services of a solicitor in England or Wales
  • have bought or sold a property
  • are living in the UK

Qualifying candidates were asked the following question:

“If you have used a solicitor, which of the following would have most improved the experience?”

The results were as follows:

Key Findings


Clients say they want better communication


Clients say they want less legal jargon


Clients say they want greater fee transparency


Clients say they want more modern technology


Clients say they want more experience

Candidates were asked what would have 'most' improved the service. Of the results 47% selected Better Solicitor Communication' as the area in which their experience of using a solicitor could have been most improved.

*Survey of 1,026 people carried out on 31/1/18 through Google Analytics Surveys

Chris Salmon, Director

Chris Salmon, Director