Small-Claims Track Claims

When making a personal injury claim, your case can follow one of 3 different 'tracks'. These 'tracks' are defined protocols that an injury claim will follow as a case progresses to a court hearing.

The type of track your claim will follow depends on the type, severity, and value of your claim:

The Small-Claims Track is used for personal injury claims that are relatively uncomplicated and of lower value.

Until the regulations changed on 31 May 2021, the small claims limit was £1,000. In practice, this meant that only the most ‘trivial’ of injuries, such as minor cuts and short-living soft tissue injuries were ‘small claims’.

However, the small claims limit has now been raised to £5,000 for most injury claims resulting from car accidents. The compensation awards for injuries like whiplash have also been drastically lowered. The changes mean that many road accident claims that would have been Fast Track before June 2021 are now classed as Small Claims.

Road accident claims that are valued under £10,000 including both the injury compensation (general damages) and compensation for financial losses like lost earnings (special damages) will now also use the Small Claims process.

Small claims are made through the Official Injury Claim Portal.

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Chris Salmon, Director

Chris Salmon, Director