Rehabilitation refers to the process of helping a person who has been injured to recover, as far as possible, their physical, psychological and social functioning.

Rehabilitation can include a variety of different treatments and therapies, such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and psychological counselling.

In the context of a personal injury claim, rehabilitation is often an important aspect of the claim for compensation. The objective of rehabilitation is to help the claimant to recover from their injuries and to regain as much of their pre-accident functionality as possible.

Your solicitor may recommend that you undergo rehabilitation and they will be able to assist you in arranging the necessary treatment. The cost of this treatment will be included in your claim for compensation and can be recovered from the defendant if your claim is successful.

It is important to note that your rehabilitation can start before your claim is settled, and it can be beneficial to start the rehabilitation process as early as possible.

Rehabilitation may be an ongoing process which continues after the settlement of the claim. If the medical prognosis is that you will need ongoing rehabilitation, these future costs can be included in your compensation settlement.

Rehabilitation is not just limited to physical injuries but also includes psychological injuries, as well as social and vocational rehabilitation.

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