Multi-Track claim

When making a personal injury claim, your case can follow one of 3 different 'tracks'. These tracks are defined protocols that an injury claim will follow as a case progresses to a court hearing.

The type of track your claim will follow depends on the type, severity, and value of your claim:

If your claim is estimated to be worth more than £25,000, or the circumstances are more complex, your claim will follow the Multi-Track.

As Multi-Track claims tend to be more complicated, they do not follow a set procedure in the way that Small-Claims Track and Fast-Track Claims do.

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Multi-track is the term used to describe a personal injury claim claim where the estimated damages exceed £15,000.

As multi-track does not follow the accelerated 'fast-track' protocol, the defendant and claimant have more time to discuss and negotiate a settlement.

Complex claims, or claims where there is difficulty establishing liability, may also follow the multi-track process even if the claim is worth less than £15,000.

Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher

Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher