An "Adjournment" in the context of a personal injury claim that has progressed to court, is a postponement of a hearing or trial. This means that the court will schedule a new date for the hearing or trial to take place, rather than proceeding on the originally scheduled date.

In the case of personal injury claim there are multiple reasons why an adjournment may be requested by either the defendant or claimant, including but not limited to :

  • Lack of preparedness or completion of evidence
  • Unavailability of a witness or parties
  • Illness or other unforeseen circumstances

An Adjournment will not always granted, and the court will consider several factors before making a decision, including the reasons for the request and the impact on the progress of the claim and the parties involved.

If a request for an adjournment is granted, the court will set a new date for the hearing or trial to take place.

As a claimant, if you have requested an adjournment, or if an adjournment has been granted by the court, it is important to ensure that you are aware of the new date and are prepared to proceed with the claim on that date.

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