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How much can I claim?

Once you have used the calculator, we recommend you read the following.  This guide looks at how compensation is calculated in more detail and any exceptions that could affect how much you actually get.

How much compensation can I claim for a road accident?

The amount of compensation you would receive for a road accident will be based on:

  • how long your injury will last
  • the severity of your injuries
  • any other financial expenses or losses you have incurred, including lost wages, damage to your vehicle or property, and treatment costs.

How road injury compensation is calculated

Legally speaking, road traffic compensation awards are calculated based on:

General damages

General damages are awarded for “pain, suffering and loss of amenity”. General damages will be calculated based on the severity of your injury, and the specific impact that your injuries have had on your life.

Special damages

Special damages are awarded for any other costs or losses.  These could include lost wages, the cost of medical treatment (e.g. physiotherapy or osteopathy for whiplash), car and vehicle repairs and any financial losses or expenses incurred.

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Calculating interim payments

An interim payment is a partial settlement of your claim which, under certain circumstances, can be paid before the claim is concluded. The amount you receive would then be deducted from the compensation payable by the Defendant when the claim is finally settled.

The interim payment will be calculated according to your immediate needs which might include:

  • urgent treatments
  • urgent car or vehicle repair
  • living expenses if you are unable to work

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But how much compensation will I actually receive?

Compensation calculators calculate the range of general damages according to Judicial College Guidelines.  Some calculators can also estimate special damages to provide a total road injury estimate.

Once the general and straightforward special damages have been calculated, there are other factors that will affect the amount of compensation you will actually receive, including:

  • solicitor's success fees
  • diminution of value of your car or vehicle
  • vehicle damage/repairs
  • deduction of the 10% uplift (if you are self-funding as opposed to no win, no fee)
  • future care cost estimates (including RPI)
  • loss of potential promotion, pension contributions, overtime etc
  • loss of job enjoyment

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Average compensation payouts for 'Road Traffic Accidents' (RTA's)

Examples of road accident injury compensation payouts from the Judicial College Guidelines (Updated for 2018):

Head, neck and back injuries

Facial injuries

Cheekbone fracture

£1,850 to £12,580

Jaw fracture

£5,150 to £36,310

Nose fracture

£1,360 to £18,440

Loss or damage to front teeth

£1,760 to £9,100

Multiple facial fractures

£11,890 to £19,090

Eye injuries

Minor eye injury

£3,150 to £6,960

Minor permanent damage to vision in one or both eyes

£7,270 to £16,720

Serious loss of vision in one eye

£18,880 to £31,320

Complete loss of sight in one eye

£39,270 to £43,710

Head and brain injuries

Minor brain or head injury

£1,760 to £10,180

Post-traumatic stress disorder

£3,150 to £80,250

Back injuries

Back injury healing in a few months

Up to £1,950

Back injury healing in up to 2 years

£1,950 to £6,290

Back injury healing in 2-5 years

£6,290 to £9,970

Serious back injury with permanent symptoms

£59,120 to £70,490

Neck injuries

Neck injury recovering completely in up to a year

£1,950 to £3,470

Neck injury recovering completely in 1-2 years

£3,470 to £6,290

Neck injury with spinal cord damage

£72,620 to £128,320

Other neck injuries

£330 to £118,240

Whiplash injuries

Read more about whiplash compensation awards here.

Shoulder injuries

Minor to severe shoulder injury

£6,290 to £38,280

Arm and hand injuries

Elbow injuries

Serious elbow injuries

£12,480 to £43,750

Fracture of one finger

Up to £3,790

Fractured index finger with permanent symptoms

£7,270 to £9,760

Severe finger fractures

Up to £29,290

Hand injury

Minor hand injuries

£770 to £3,460

Serious hand injuries that heal completely

£4,640 to £10,580

Serious hand injuries with permanent loss of function

£23,110 to £49,350

Thumb injury

Thumb injuries healing within 6 months

Up to £3,150

More serious thumb injuries

£7,700 to £27,910

Other arm injuries

Forearm fractures

£5,280 to £15,300

More serious arm injuries with permanent symptoms

£15,300 to £104,370

Wrist injury

Wrist injury healing within 2 years

Up to £8,160

Wrist fractures and other injuries healing within 1 year

£2,810 to £3,790

Wrist injury causing permanent pain, stiffness and loss of function

£10,040 to £31,220

Leg and foot injuries

Achilles tendon

Minor achilles tendon injury

£5,800 to £10,040

Rupture, significant tendon damage or severed tendon

£10,040 to £30,630

Ankle injury

Ankle injury healing completely

Up to £10,960

Ankle injury with permanent symptoms

£10,960 to £39,910

Foot injury

Less severe foot injury with no permanent symptoms

Up to £10,960

Foot fractures with permanent symptoms

£10,960 to £19,920

Serious injury to one or both feet

£19,920 to £87,410

Knee injury

Knee injuries with no ongoing symptoms

Up to £10,960

Knee injury with mild long-term symptoms

£11,820 to £20,880

Knee injury with serious long-term symptoms

£20,880 to £34,660

Leg and knee fractures

£41,550 to £55,590

Leg injuries

Fractured femur

£7,270 to £11,220

Fractured tibia or fibula

Up to £9,440

Leg fractures or muscle injury with permanent symptoms

£14,320 to £67,410

Severe crushing injury or complicated leg fractures

£21,100 to £29,800

Toe injuries

Short-term toe injuries

Up to £7,650

Severe toe injury (such as an amputation)

£10,960 to £16,800

Traumatic loss of one or more toes

£29,110 to £44,710

Other injuries

Chest injury

Chest and lungs causing permanent symptoms

£24,950 to £43,710

Fractured ribs or muscle injury to the rib cage

Up to £3,150

Injury causing lungs to collapse

£1,750 to £4,240

Traumatic injury to the chest, lungs or heart with permanent damage and reduced life expectancy

£52,390 to £80,250

How can Quittance help?

Quittance is a panel of no win, no fee road accident solicitors with experience helping people injured in car crashes, motorcycle and bicycle collisions, and pedestrian and passenger injuries.

Our solicitors have an excellent track record of winning even the most difficult road injury cases and will fight for the best possible compensation settlement for you.

We will be able to give you a more accurate calculation of your likely compensation award by taking a few more details about your accident.

If you have been injured in a car crash, or any other accident on the road, speak to us about making a no win, no fee claim, without obligation, call 0800 612 7456 or click here to arrange a callback.


Do I have a claim?

To make a successful personal injury claim, your injury must have happened within the last three years (in most cases), and the injury must have been caused by another party that owed you a duty of care (e.g. another driver, or your employer).

There are a number of other factors to consider however:

Do I have a claim?

If the other driver was uninsured, will I get the same level of compensation?

If the other driver is identifiable but uninsured then a claim could either be made against the driver directly or via the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).  claimants can make a claim directly via the MIB, or a solicitor can manage the claim for them.

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If the other driver cannot be traced, how much compensation will I get?

If the other driver is untraceable then a claim can be made via the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB).  claimants can make a claim directly via the MIB, or a solicitor can manage the claim for them.

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Can I claim compensation as a passenger?

A claim can be made as a pedestrian or passenger in exactly the same way as a driver.

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Does my gender affect the level of compensation?

Following the publication of the '14th edition of the guidelines for the assessment of general damages for personal injury', gender is no longer factored into the calculation of compensation awards.

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