Do I have to be an employee to make a work injury claim?

Many believe that only employees can claim compensation for accidents at work. Is this really the case?

Many victims of accidents in the workplace do not investigate the possibility of making a personal injury claim because they assume they are not eligible.

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A recent case involving a 15 year old on work experience has illustrated the law's position on compensation for accidents in the workplace for non-employees. The teenager was asked to help lift a 14 foot-long metal bar. The teenager protested that the bar was too heavy but the mechanic insisted that they lift it. The mechanic then dropped the end he was holding, crushing the teenager's hand. The injury lead to the teenager's index finger being amputated.

Following the accident, the teenager was concerned that he would be unable to make a claim. As he was not an employee, he understandably assumed that it would not be possible to pursue the garage for compensation.

Many people believe that claims for accidents in the workplace are only possible for full-time employees. This is not the case. Anyone in a workplace is protected by Health and Safety legislation, whether they are an employee, temporary worker or simply a member of the public visiting the premises.

Health and Safety laws defined the teenager in this case as a visitor to the workplace, making a claim possible. Within a month, the garage had admitted liability. Due to the severe, life-altering nature of the injury, the teenager was awarded £50,000 compensation.

What to do if you have had an accident in the workplace

Anyone affected by this type of accident can seek the help of a specialist solicitor. If you have had an accident in the workplace and would like a no-obligation consultation to discuss your options, contact Quittance.

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Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher

Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher