Do I need a medical diagnosis to make a whiplash claim?

Minor cases of whiplash are often self-treated with painkillers, and an injured person may not bother seeing a doctor. But to make a successful claim will you need a diagnosis?

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The solicitor will refer you

For the purposes of a whiplash compensation claim a solicitor will refer you to a doctor to carry out a medical assessment. The medical will be carried out in a location near you.

Following the examination, the doctor will confirm their whiplash diagnosis in a medical report. This report is critical evidence in support of your claim.

X-rays and scans are not usually required, as soft-tissue injuries will not usually be visible. It is advisable to always seek the advice of a medical professional as soon after the accident as possible.

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Can I make a whiplash claim without a doctor?

Without a doctor's report confirming the severity and likely duration of symptoms, it can be difficult to ensure that you receive the correct amount of compensation.

An insurance company may make you an offer early in the process, before you have seen a doctor, but this first offer is likely to be on the lower end of the scale.

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