Is a simple trip injury too minor to make a claim over?

Sometimes a simple slip or trip accident can lead to a serious injury. Falling onto a hard surface such as a concrete pavement or solid shop flooring can cause broken bones and whiplash injuries needing months of rehabilitation. Even a minor injury can leave an individual unable to go about their day to day activities or unable to work.

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Pavement fall

Making a claim

In order to make a claim, a claimant must first prove that someone else was to blame for their accident.

For example, if an individual trips on an area of raised or cracked pavement they may be able to make a claim against their local authority for failing to ensure the walkways are maintained. Under the Highways Act of 1980, a local authority has a legal obligation to regularly check that the pavements in their area are safe and unobstructed.

If a person slips on an unmarked spillage in a supermarket, a claimant may be able to claim compensation for negligence due to the owner failing in their duty of care to their customers. The Health and Safety Executive provides information that shows that it is the responsibility of a supermarket to ensure the floors are safe for customers, employees and visitors.

In the event of an accident, the individual should report it as soon as possible and make a record of the incident in an accident book. The contact details of any witnesses should be gathered and photographs should be taken of the scene.

The claimant should seek medical attention as soon as possible for their own wellbeing and to gather a record of their injuries to support their case.

If a claimant has tripped on an area of unsafe pavement, they can utilise a freedom of information request to see how often the pavement is inspected and maintained and whether an issue has been reported. This will act as further supporting evidence in Court.


The compensation sum will be dependent on the severity of the injury and any long lasting effects. Compensation can be claimed for pain and suffering that was caused by the accident, as well as medical costs, travel expenses and loss of earnings.

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Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher

Gaynor Haliday, Legal researcher