Can I claim injury compensation for a slip on a shop floor?

Many slip and trip compensation claims arise following accidents in supermarkets and high street shops.

Making a successful claim in these situations, however, will depend on a range of factors, including the shop's safety procedures, the availability of CCTV or photographic evidence, and an independent medical professional's report.

Shopper pushing trolley down supermarket aisle with slippery floor

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Shop slip hazards

Many shops and supermarkets have smooth, highly polished and hard floor surfaces. These surfaces can become very slippery when fluids are spilt or cleaning products are in use. Common causes of slips on shop floors include:

  • Cleaning products used without warning signs
  • Rainwater that has been walked inside by customers
  • Spillages and breakages of products
  • Leaking roofs, pipes or refrigerators
  • Loose wires and other trailing items
  • Discarded rubbish and other such as plastic bags or cardboard packaging

In many cases, a claim's success will rest not on whether the accident happened or not, but instead on whether the shop owner or manager should have acted to prevent the accident.

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Preventing slipping injuries

It is the responsibility of the shop owner or manager to ensure that any spillages, rain water or other liquids are cleaned up as soon is reasonably possible, to prevent customers and staff from slipping and being injured.

It is also the responsibility of the shop workers to maintain tidy conditions on the shop floor to prevent customers from tripping on discarded items.

Hazard warning signs must be used during cleaning or at other times when the floor is wet to alert shoppers of the potential danger.

If the shop failed to erect a hazard warning sign in good time, close to the wet or otherwise slippery area, and the claimant was injured as a result, it is likely that the shop owner or occupier will have been negligent.

Warning signs

Even if a hazard sign was erected, a claimant may still be able to claim compensation for the accident.

The claimant will need to demonstrate that the sign was displayed inadequately, for example if the sign was hidden or obscured from view, the sign was misleading, or located in the wrong place.

Common personal injury claims caused by slipping on shop floors relate to injuries including:

Establishing proof of a slip on a shop floor

If you have been injured as a result of a slip on a shop floor, it is important to ensure that the details of the accident and your injuries were properly recorded. Supermarkets and shops should have an accident book to record such incidents.

Your claim will be stronger if the details are kept on record. Crucially, if the shop staff were made aware of the accident, it is their responsibility to have recorded the incident.

Acting quickly to start a claim as early as possible will also enable your solicitor to gather evidence before it is lost, such as CCTV footage, and to gather witness statements.

Public liability insurance

Shops, supermarkets and other public venues hold public liability insurance.

Although the shop itself will be the defendant in an injury claim, it is the shop's insurance provider that is likely to conduct the claim and that will pay the compensation.

Calculation of the compensation amount will take into account the following factors:

  • The extent of any injuries caused from slipping
  • The pain and suffering caused
  • Any income lost due to incapacitation
  • Any additional medical costs, including physiotherapy
  • Any long-term effects of the injury

What happened?

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