What is a Conditional Fee Agreement?

Most people do not know what a Conditional Fee Agreement is.

A Conditional Fee Agreement is what makes your claim No Win No Fee. It sets out the basis your solicitor works on, meaning you do not have to pay a penny of their fees.

How does a Conditional Fee Agreement work?

Solicitors are expensive, charging by the hour for their work. By agreeing a Conditional Fee Agreement your solicitor will not charge you for their work if your claim is unsuccessful so you won't have to pay them a penny.

If your claim is successful the defendants will pay your compensation and your solicitor's fees.

Why would a Solicitor do this?

Solicitors will only take on your case if they believe that you have a good chance of winning. Quittance's solicitors have excellent records in winning cases, so you can be assured of a strong team behind you.

When you win, your solicitor receives a "success fee", to recognise the risk they take working on a No Win No Fee basis.

What is a success fee?

The success fee is a percentage of your compensation paid directly to your solicitor. The standard percentage Solicitors charge is 25%.

Quittance's solicitors charge a 25% success fee. However if your claim is unsuccessful then our no win no fee policy means you pay no legal fees at all.

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