What do I pay if I do not win my injury claim?

Quittance only works with solicitors who offer a genuine No Win No Fee agreement without hidden charges.

If your claim is unsuccessful and you do not receive compensation, you will not pay a penny of their fees.

What about other expenses?

The expenses involved in making a claim can be substantial, but Quittance's solicitors will not incur costs you have to pay.

A comprehensive After the Event (ATE) insurance policy, arranged for you by your solicitor, pays for all unrecovered costs as well as itself, leaving you with nothing to pay.

So is there really nothing to pay?

If you do not receive compensation, you do not have to pay anything.

Quittance's values of honesty and integrity mean our solicitors will never use hidden charges. The combination of No Win No Fee agreement and After the Event insurance mean if you lose, you pay nothing.

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