Can I claim for physiotherapy and private care costs?

Most injuries will benefit from treatment as soon as possible after the injury has been sustained. Unfortunately, NHS waiting times for non-urgent cases can be extremely long. To prevent an injury deteriorating, the solution is often to seek private treatment.

Private treatment can be expensive, but funding towards the cost of this treatment frequently comprises part of a compensation award. In addition, interim payments can often be arranged to fund treatment before the claim is finally settled.

Waiting times for NHS appointments can be several weeks and in some cases several months. Delays in receiving physiotherapy treatment can result in an extended period of pain and suffering, and can prevent an injured person from returning to work.

Starting a course of medical treatment as early as possible can help minimise the impact the injury has on a person's life, and can encourage a faster recovery.

Making a personal injury claim can ensure you get the medical attention and physiotherapy you need sooner, by giving you direct access to private care.

Do you have to pay for treatment before your claim is settled?

Your claim will be accepted where there is a strong case which has a good chance of success. If your claim is accepted, you will not usually pay anything for the private care you receive before the case is settled successfully.

Treatment costs will be part of the compensation claimed back from the other party. If the claim is ultimately unsuccessful, costs may usually be claimed through insurance without waiting for the other party to accept liability for the injury caused.

How quickly can you get access to private care?

It may be possible to arrange access to private medical care as soon as your claim is accepted. Your solicitor will be able to provide more guidance on this. For more information, contact a member of our specialist team on 0800 612 7456.

What happens when your private care begins?

A claimant will usually be asked to visit a medical practitioner for a preliminary assessment of their injuries. An initial evaluation will be made and an on-going treatment plan will be discussed with the claimant.

If necessary, further treatment sessions, medications, exercises to do at home and follow-up appointments will also be arranged.

Expert medical and physiotherapy guidance early in your recovery is also likely to reduce the risk of further incidental injury.

To discuss your options and the likelihood that you will be able to claim interim payments to fund treatment, Quittance on 0800 612 7456 for a free consultation with a specialist solicitor.

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