How to find the right solicitor for your personal injury claim

If you are thinking about making a personal injury claim, you will be embarking on a months-long journey with a solicitor.

There are hundreds of firms vying for your business and all promising to do a great job. But how do you know if you have found the best solicitor for your situation before you enter in a contract?

Checklist - before you instruct

The following is a checklist of the key points you need to check before you instruct your solicitor:

Solicitor or CMC?

We would recommend that you always use a solicitor with a specialisation in your type of injury.

The question is, how do you know you have found the right solicitor?

This is where Claims Management Companies, or CMCs, come in.

CMCs are essentially panels of solicitors. The composition of the panel will be based on covering a broad range of expertise that just cannot be matched by an individual solicitor firm. Panel firms will also be selected for their track record of winning compensation claims.

CMCs will also be very focused on their solicitors providing the best possible customer journey and client satisfaction.

Furthermore, you get the CMCs service for FREE. Although CMCs are paid a marketing or administration fee by the solicitor, this will come out of the solicitors marketing budget and not your compensation.

No win no fee - the small print

Unless you have existing legal insurance in place, you will probably fund your case with a no win no fee agreement known as a ‘Conditional Fee Agreement’ or 'CFA'.

A CFA is essentially the terms and conditions under which the solicitor will act for you.

You should, therefore, check the small print before signing anything. You could ask for a specimen CFA right from the outset and ask the solicitor to go through it with you.

Solicitor specialisation

it is not necessary to choose a firm that specialises solely in personal injury. You should, however, check that the individual solicitor specialises in your specific type of claim.

Some solicitors will ‘turn their hand to anything’ - e.g. a road accident claim solicitor taking on an accident at work claim. Generalists are best avoided.

Look for a solicitor with a proven track record in your specific type of claim. If you are working with a CMC, ask them why they have recommended a specific solicitor.

Success Fees

Under a no win no fee agreement, the solicitor will almost always charge a success fee if the claim is successful.

The law restricts success fees to a maximum of 25%, but the solicitor may charge less. Be upfront and ask what the success fee will be if they win your claim

Track record

Ask your solicitor if they have handled any claims like yours before an what the outcome was. You could even ask for them to send you a case study.

Solicitor location

You may find it reassuring to know that your solicitor is just around the corner

When making a claim you would not normally need to visit a solicitor’s office. As with many professional services, claims are carried out by phone, post and email.

More important is the service you receive, the expertise of the solicitor and, above all else, the results they deliver.

Does the solicitor believe in your case?

Try and get a sense of whether the solicitor feels you have a strong case and that he or she believes they will win it.

A solicitor in this frame of mind may fight harder for you than one who is simply going through the motions.

Do you like the people you have spoken to?

Even if you haven’t yet spoken to the individual solicitor who will handle your claim, ask yourself what was the attitude of the people you have dealt with at the firm? If they were helpful, friendly and professional, the chances are this attitude is echoed in the culture of the firm as a whole.


Checking online reviews is a quick and easy way to confirm that your prospective solicitor offers the sort of service you are looking for. Look out for comments about communication and proactivity in particular.

Put us to the test

Why not contact us and ask how our service measures up to the checklist. You can discuss any questions you may have and will be under no pressure to start a claim with Quittance.

How can Quittance help?

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