Is cycle helmet camera footage admissible in injury claims?

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Cycling helmet camera

Many cyclists and motorcyclists are donning helmet mounted cameras but can the footage be used when seeking to make a cycling injury claim?

The short answer is 'yes', however there are a few things you can do to make sure that the footage actually supports your cycling or motorcycle accident claim.

Gathering Cycling Accident Evidence

Obtaining evidence of a cycling accident is notoriously difficult. Even if the cycling accident victim has the presence of mind to speak to potential witnesses immediately after the accident, bystanders are generally reluctant to get involved.

It can be worth talking to shopkeepers and local residents who may have witnessed the accident. Returning to the accident at a later date, although advisable, is often fruitless when it comes to gathering evidence.

New technology

Technological advances have lead to high resolution cameras with substantial battery lives and a small enough footprint to be helmet mounted. These cameras have sparked something of a revolution in the fight back against poor road usage.

Many use cameras to protect them against potential accidents - the theory being that poor drivers will change their ways once they realise they may be being recorded. Some road users have been accused of vigilante behaviour

How will the courts consider helmet mounted camera footage?

Cycle helmet mounted camera footage is admissible in both civil and criminal courts. However just because you have recovered footage of an accident it doesn't mean that it supports your claim.

To be of use to a claimant the footage must be of sufficient quality to support claims. The footage must also show the cause of the accident e.g. if hit from behind, it is unlikely that a forward mounted camera will capture any usable footage.

Camera Footage is can help achieve an out of court settlement

Insurance companies more likely to cave in when presented with video footage. They are aware of how powerful supporting video evidence can be and would be unlikely to waste further time and money fighting a cycling accident claim if the evidence appeared clear.

Will Quittance's Solicitors review the footage

Your solicitor will start your cycling accident claim by collating and examining all evidence as they build the case for you. They will advise you which evidence is usable and will construct your claim accordingly

Quittance's solicitors have years of experience in cycling accident claims. For a no obligation consultation and to find out how string your case is no, call us now.

How can Quittance help?

Your solicitor will fight for the best possible compensation settlement for you, and the highly-experienced panel of solicitors have an excellent track record of winning cycling accident claims.

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Chris Salmon, Director

Chris Salmon, Director