What happens during an injury claim medical examination?

Most personal injury cases will need medical evidence to support the case in Court. Even if a claimant has already seen their own GP and has medical records for the injury then they may still have to undergo an examination by a medical professional.

The medical professional will be impartial and will understand the legal aspects of your case.

The Examination

The medical professional will talk to the claimant about the accident and the injuries they have suffered. They will also ask the claimant about any ways that the incident may have affected their working life and social life.

The claimant will also undergo a physical examination that should not take longer than 30 minutes. The individual will have the option of having a friend or partner will them, if they wish.

At the beginning of the claim, a claimant will sign a medical authority form which entitles their legal team to gain access to their medical files.

In most cases, the medical professional will sort through the records to decide which ones are relevant to the case and which are not. This will enable the medical professional to look over the reports and see if the claimant has suffered any similar injuries, illnesses or symptoms in the past that may affect their recuperation time.

After the examination the medical professional will prepare a report including a prognosis. The prognosis will provide the expert's opinion on how long it will take the claimant to recover and any further treatment they recommend.

In some cases it may be possible to claim for the cost of further treatment from the defendant's insurance company.

The settlement will be dependent upon the results of the medical report. The report is a confidential document and cannot be disclosed to the insurance company until the claimant has given their permission. If the claimant disagrees with the report, the medical professional will be contacted and after further consideration they may decide to amend or clarify the results.

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