A guide to making a personal injury claim

By Howard Willis

Whether you live in Whitby or anywhere else in England or Wales, our expert injury solicitors can take on your claim and we will arrange a medical assessment at a medical centre near your home.

Do I have a injury claim?

If you were injured in the last three years and another party was to blame, Quittance can help you make a claim.

Elligibility to make a personal injury claim

Personal injury claims should usually be made within a 3-year window.

In the majority of cases, proving an injury claim involves three components. It must be shown that a duty of care was owed, that this duty was breached, and the breach was the cause of the injury or illness.

Your lawyer will discuss each of these points and will look at how they apply in your case.

How much compensation can I claim?

The amount of compensation you will receive is dependent on the nature and seriousness of your injuries. Our compensation calculator gives a good idea of the compensation you could get for your injuries, lost earnings and any other losses.

Work accident claims in Whitby

Worker injured in accident

Quittance has handled claims for injured Claimants, from warehouse assistants to traders, to claim injury compensation. Accident information for the Scarborough local authority made available in accordance with legislation by the HSE as follows:

HSE reported work accidents in Scarborough Local Authority2011/122012/132013/14
Not Known232025
Electricity related001
Machinery related1295
Fire related (e.g. scars)001
Exposure to toxic substance730
Fall from height (ladder)181316
Injured by an animal300
Lifting and handling injuries494025
Physical assault5711
Slip, trip, fall same level614136
Struck against1034
Struck by moving vehicle031
Hit by falling object22109
Trapped by something collapsing031

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Road traffic accident claims in Whitby

Cars involved in a road accident

Accidents in the Whitby area in 2013 included road traffic collisions on the single carriageway of the A171 and B1460 junction and on the single carriageway of the A171 and A174 crossroads.

Our panel of proficient no win, no fee lawyers have decades of experience in fighting for the highest general and special damages for Claimants hurt in a car or motorcycle accident in Whitby.

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Other claims handled by Quittance

Whitby specialists for serious injury compensation

We recognise the vital difference a successful claim makes to the lives of severely injured Claimants. By reducing the financial pressure severe injury imposes on an injured person, a compensation claim allows Claimants to prioritise rehabilitation. Quittance's panel of specialist lawyers have helped people claim compensation for a wide range of severe conditions and injuries. Injuries and medical conditions referred to as serious include hydrocarbon poisoning and cerebral palsy.

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Medical and clinical negligence in Whitby

Medical negligence (more properly known as 'clinical negligence') is where there has been a breach of duty by a healthcare professional, either private or NHS. Our panel of personal injury solicitors covering Whitby have been instructed on legal cases brought against NHS and private hospitals including Whitby Hospital, Springhill, YO21 1EE.

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Industrial disease

Personal injury lawyers can assist with securing compensation for industrial illnesses including anything from mesothelioma to solvent exposure.

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Slip, trip and fall injuries

Reported figures highlight the fact that employee slips and trips are still the most common cause of accidents leading to injury in the workplace. Slips and trips are quite often connected to injuries categorised as another type of accident such as being hit by an object falling from a ladder, a fall from height or a quarry drowning accident. Public place (Scarborough local authority) legal claims for injuries such as broken collarbones occurring on raised flagstones are also common with dislodged paving slab trips having occurred in the local area.

Whitby No Win, No Fee Solicitors

You can confidently make a claim without any financial risk with Quittance's No Win, No Fee guarantee. Our national network of solicitors cover Whitby and across the UK.

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What experience does Quittance have of handling claims in Whitby?

We are a nationwide network of SRA regulated personal injury lawyers that assists people injured in Whitby, North Yorkshire and throughout the UK, get compensated for their injuries.

Our specialist solicitors have helped 100's of claimants in North Yorkshire seek compensation for a range of injury circumstances, from factory accidents to car accidents.

Local medical appointments, home visits (if required) and a team of experts only a phone call away, mean making a claim is as easy and stress-free as possible.

Frequently asked questions

Are claims run on a 100% No Win, No Fee basis?

If your claim is not successful, 100% of the solicitor's fees are covered. You won't have to pay a penny to start a claim.

How to select the right solicitor

Instructing the best legal expert for your legal case is a critical step towards claiming the best settlement or award.

What is the best way to ensure you select the best law firm to advise you?

Once a settlement has been agreed, solicitors working on a no win no fee basis will usually charge a success fee and ATE insurance premium. For example, deductions from a Claimant's compensation for lung cancer could vary between ?56,650 and ?78,650 (based on 2015 market research).

You should be aware of how much of your compensation will be taken to cover these fees.

Will I have to choose a personal injury solicitor near me?

Claimants are not restricted to local firms and can make a selection based on the success fee a solicitor charges or other service factors.

Usually, the only aspect that will need to be performed locally is the medical exam. This exam provides necessary medical evidence to support your claim, and is carried out in partnership with a member of our national medical network.

Your lawyer will arrange for a medical practitioner in your area to conduct your medical.

What should you look for when checking Whitby solicitor reviews?

Discussing you claim with a solicitor is an easy way to identify whether they are a good fit. Before picking up the phone, looking up injury lawyer reviews should give you a clear understanding of the difference between service levels offered by firms.