A guide to making a personal injury claim

By Jonathan Speight

Our national network of solicitors help clients across the UK to keep more compensation with our fairer success fees.

If you live in Stenhousemuir or anywhere else in the UK, our solicitors are able to take on your claim and we will always arrange a medical at a centre near you .

Have I got a claim?

If you were injured in the last 3 years and a third party was to blame, we can assist you with a claim.

Qualifying for personal injury compensation

Claims should usually be made within 3 years of an injury.

Claimants who have been diagnosed with certain injuries or illnesses such as hand-arm vibration syndrome are frequently still able to claim even where the illness's cause happened years or even decades earlier. In these circumstances, it is the date of diagnosis that matters.

To win a personal injury case, your solicitor must prove:

  • The Defendant owed you a duty of care
  • The Defendant breached that duty
  • Your injury or illness was caused by that breach

Your solicitor can take you through each of these points and should explain how they apply to your claim.

Calculate my compensation

The personal injury compensation you will receive is calculated with reference to a number of factors. Our online injury calculator provides a realistic idea of your potential damages award.

Work accident claims in Stenhousemuir

Worker injured in accident

We have assisted people, from forklift drivers to sports coaches, to get the compensation they deserve.

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Road traffic accident claims in Stenhousemuir

Cars involved in a road accident

Quittance's network of qualified road traffic accident injury lawyers are experienced in fighting for maximum compensation for Claimants who have been hurt in a car or motorcycle accident in Stenhousemuir.

Accidents involving all vehicles in Stenhousemuir are quite common. Official statistics reveal 3 fatal accidents, 37 serious accidents and 283 slight accidents in 2013 in Falkirk (Total events were 323 local authority district. In 2014 accidents decreased to 296.

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Other claims handled by Quittance

Clinical and medical negligence in Stenhousemuir

Medical negligence - more correctly called Clinical Negligence - is where an injury is sustained following a breach in the duty of care by a medical professional, National Health Service or private. Our expert panel of injury solicitors covering Stenhousemuir have assisted with legal cases made against health services that include Bellsdyke Hospital, Bellsdyke Road, Larbert, FK5 4SF.

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Slips and trips

Officially recorded figures underline the fact that slips, trips and falls continue to be the most frequent accident in the workplace in 2014/15. Slips and trips are frequently the precursor to accidents filed under a different category like being struck by a falling object or an asphyxiation accident. Public place cases for injuries such as broken toes happening on poorly maintained paths are also common with trips having occurred recently.

Serious injury

Courts recognise that a serious injury will have a life-changing effect on an affected individual and their family. A claim will lessen the impact of bills other financial issues on an injured person enabling them to prioritise recovery. Quittance's network of solicitor firms correspond with the legal system and medical professionals, helping to ensure people affected by serious accidents receive the support they need.

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Industrial disease

Solicitors can assist with claiming compensation for industrial illnesses including anything from chemical poisoning to pesticide poisoning.

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No Win, No Fee Injury Lawyers in Stenhousemuir

No Win, No Fee agreements, or CFAs, preserve Claimants from a requirement to settle solicitors' fees if their claim is not successful.

A success fee will be charged by Stenhousemuir solicitors who work under a No Win, No Fee agreement. The success fee is paid out of your compensation and is in most cases 25 percent.

Will I have to pay extra fees?

We ensure No Win, No Fee means you will never have to pay the law firm's fees in the event that the claim is lost.

Read more about Quittance's No Win, No Fee


How to choose the best no win no fee personal injury solicitor

Choosing the most suitable law firm for your case is an important step towards achieving the best settlement or award.

How can you make sure you select the ideal legal practice to advise you?

Do you have to choose a lawyer in Stenhousemuir?

Many solicitors operate throughout England and Wales, allowing Claimants to make a choice based on factors including level of success fees charged and quality of service.

Medical examinations will usually need to be conducted locally. Quittance's national medical network will assist with this critical stage of the claims process.

Compensation is limited to costs you have had to bear as a result of the injury and by guidelines set out by the Judicial College. Experience can also have an impact on the amount of compensation your solicitor will be able to negotiate. Find out more here.

You should be aware of how much of your compensation will be taken to cover these fees.

Personal injury solicitor reviews in Stenhousemuir - What to consider

Solicitors have a wide range of approaches to handling cases and clients, from strictly professional to sympathetic. Reviews for personal injury law firms are a useful when contrasting the approach and service levels offered by different firms.