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Selsey Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

Jonathan Speight

Panel Senior Litigator

Updated: Thursday, 4th August 2016

Whether you are based in Selsey or anywhere else in England or Wales, our injury lawyers can handle your claim and we will set up a medical report at a centre near you .

Making a claim

Claims should be made within three years of the date the accident occurred or you learned of the injury in most cases.

People with certain illnesses or conditions like industrial deafness are often still entitled to claim compensation even if the condition developed as the result of events that happened years ago. In these circumstances, it is the date that you learn of your diagnosis that is important.

For the majority of injury claims, a successful compensation claim has three key components. It needs to be proven that a duty of care was owed, that this duty was breached, and the breach was the cause of the injury or illness.

Your solicitor should look at how these issues will relate to your claim.

What to think about when choosing the right personal injury lawyer

It can take several months for the majority of claims to conclude. Claims for very serious injury or illness can take years in some circumstances. The SRA regulate legal advice given by solicitors, but they are not responsible for many factors that matter to Claimants, such as quality of service or speed of communication.

Your legal representative should be someone you are able to trust throughout the claims process to provide both compassionate practical advice and expert legal guidance.

Reviews for solicitors in Selsey

Discussing you claim with a solicitor is useful if you have any questions about their approach. Reviews for personal injury law firms are a useful when contrasting the approach taken by individual firms.

The contrast in success fees and After the Event (ATE) insurance premiums charged by law firms working on CFAs (Conditional Fee Agreement) is quite surprising.

E.g. the amount of financial compensation retained by an injured person who was awarded £28,359 for vibration white finger affecting causing a change in job could conceivably vary from £17,015 to £24,105.

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Do you need a local Selsey injury lawyer ?

Choosing a nearby firm is not important as cases now tend to be managed by phone, post and email.

You will need to go with a law firm that provides medical facilities near Selsey as Claimants will almost always be expected to attend a medical exam.

See : Can I attend a medical centre near me?

What kinds of claims for compensation do you handle in Selsey?

Compensation can be claimed for a broad range of injury and illness in Selsey and throughout West Sussex. Our team can help with:

Slip and trip accidents

Health and Saftey Executive statistics demonstrate that employee slips and trips are the most prevalent accident at work in West Sussex. Slips, trips and falls are quite often the precursor to injuries recorded in a different category e.g. being hit by material under pressure, a fall from height or a fire related accident. Public place claims for injuries like broken arms experienced on obstructed walkways are also common with slips and trips having occurred on High St and on East Wittering.

Workplace accidents

We have helped Claimants, from plasterers to product development scientists, to claim compensation. Work accident statistics for the Chichester local authority are published in accordance with legislation by the Health and Safety Executive in the following table:

Work accidents in Chichester Local Authority (HSE)2011/122012/132013/14
Contact with machinery4510
Fire related (e.g. burns)200
Harmful substance exposure (e.g. food poisoning)310
Fall from height (ladder)12913
Animal related (e.g. serious cat scratches)220
Lifting and carrying453943
Physical attack424
Slip, trip or fall653941
Struck against465
Struck by moving vehicle115
Struck by object251316
Crushed by something collapsing200

Medical and clinical negligence in Selsey

Medical negligence (which is more precisely called 'Clinical Negligence') is the term used to describe a breach in the duty of care by a healthcare professional. An example case could be an orthopaedic injury claim. Our panel of lawyers covering West Sussex and Selsey have helped with cases made against the health service including Bognor Regis War Memorial Hospital, Bognor Regis War Memorial Hospital, Shripney Road, Bognor Regis, PO22 9PP.

Road traffic accidents in Selsey

Accidents involving cars, motorbikes and other vehicles in Selsey are relatively frequent. Statistics from accidents reported to the police show a total of 2554 accidents (2116 slight accidents, 408 serious accidents and 30 fatal accidents) in 2013 in West Sussex council area. By 2014 total accidents had increased to 2,748.

Quittances panel of accredited no win no fee litigators have vast experience in obtaining maximum compensation for people injured in a car or motorcycle crash in Selsey.

Selsey solicitors for serious injury compensation claims

The Quittance team recognise the critical difference compensation will make to severely injured Claimants. By limiting the financial pressure a serious injury imposes on a Claimant, an injury claim allows Claimants to focus on their recovery. Quittance's panel of expert solicitors have for many years aided Claimants affected by major accidents. Injuries which are considered by the Courts to be serious and catastrophic include serious psychiatric harm, poisoning and brain injuries.

Industrial disease

Legal advisors can assist with claiming maximum compensation for industrial injuries ranging from bladder cancer to welding rod fumes exposure.

How No Win, No Fee injury lawyers look after Selsey claims for compensation

When you do not win your injury claim, a No Win, No Fee agreement with your lawyer states that you will not have to pay the legal costs. Were you to succeed in the claim, the fees for your solicitor must be settled by the other side.

A 'success fee' can be charged by solicitors working under a No Win, No Fee agreement (also called a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA). The success fee will be in most cases 25 percent and is taken from the compensation award.

Are there hidden fees?

Quittance promise No Win, No Fee means you will never need to pay your lawyer's fees if your claim is unsuccessful.

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What happens next?

Whether you are ready to start you claim now or are simply looking for more information, Quittance can help.

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