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90% success rate, 100% No Win, No Fee

Pudsey Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

Howard Willis

Panel Solicitor

Updated: Monday, 1st August 2016

Whether you are based in Pudsey or anywhere in the UK, Quittance can will handle your claim and we will always set up a medical assessment at a medical centre near your home.

Making a claim

Claims for compensation must be made within three years of the date of the injury in most cases.

Whether compensation is being claimed for a slip, trip or work accident in Pudsey, a successful compensation claim will involve three issues. It needs to be shown that a duty of care was owed, that this duty was breached, and the breach was the cause of the injury or illness.

Getting your claim started sooner will enable witness statements to be gathered by your lawyer.

How do you find the best no win no fee personal injury lawyer?

Compensation for a personal injury claim can take months, and even years in severe injuries, to be agreed. The SRA are tasked with regulating legal advice given by personal injury solicitors, however they are not responsible for many issues that matter to people affected by injury, such as communication or speed.

Considering the effect your lawyer can have on your life and your recovery, finding a solicitor that meets your needs is an important first step.

Do you need to instruct a local Pudsey legal firm ?

Choosing a nearby law firm is not so relevant as injury cases now tend to be conducted remotely.

You will need to instruct a solicitors practice with medical facilities near you as Claimants will usually need to attend a medical examination.

Further reading - Do you have a medical centre in or near Pudsey?

Injury lawyer reviews in Pudsey - Tips for comparing firms

There is often no substitute for phoning a solicitor to discuss your case directly. Personal injury solicitor reviews are a great resource to compare the quality of service taken by individual firms.

The key questions to put to your prospective solicitor are "what success fee and ATE premium do you charge?" and "how much of the compensation will I keep?".

Which types of claims do you conduct in Pudsey and West Yorkshire?

Our network of solicitors have represented individuals in Pudsey and across West Yorkshire whose accident circumstances were diverse and which resulted in serious injury. Examples of compensatable injuries sustained by Pudsey residents include:

Medical and clinical negligence in Pudsey

Medical negligence (which is now more accurately referred to as 'Clinical Negligence') is when an illness or injury is sustained from a breach of the duty of care on the part of a medical provider. Our panel of personal injury lawyers covering Pudsey have worked on negligence legal cases filed against local hospitals that include St Mary's Hospital, Green Hill Road, Leeds, LS12 3QE.

Road traffic compensation claims

Quittances group of best of breed no win no fee injury lawyers have vast experience in fighting for the best compensation for people who have been injured in a car or motorcycle accident in Pudsey.

Road traffic accidents involving cars, mororbikes and all other vehicles in Pudsey are quite common. Gov. uk statistics show a total of 2433 accidents (2139 slight accidents, 279 serious accidents and 15 fatal accidents) in 2013 in Leeds local authority area. By 2014 the total had increased to 2,532. Accidents in Pudsey in 2013 included traffic collisions on the dual carriageway of the A647 and A6110 slip road and on the single carriageway of the B6155 and B6157 junction.

Industrial disease

Lawyers can assist with claiming compensation for industrial injuries including anything from workplace cancer to pneumoconiosis.

Slip and trip injuries

Recorded figures reveal that slips, trips and falls are by some margin the most prevalent accident in the West Yorkshire workplace. These types of accident are quite often the forerunner to injuries categorised as another type of accident e.g. being hit by a runaway vehicle, a crush injury from something overturning or a drowning accident. Public place claims for injuries such as broken toes sustained on tripping on a street are also common with slips and trips having occurred on Dixon Lane and on Cockshot Lane.

Serious injury

We recognise the critical difference a successful claim will make to people impacted by serious injury.

By reducing the financial pressure a major injury puts on an injured person and their family, an injury claim allows Claimants to concentrate on recovery and rehabilitation. Quittance's panel of solicitors engage with doctors and health professionals and the legal system to ensure families impacted by severe accidents get the legal and medical support they need. Injuries and illnesses which are considered by the Courts to be catastrophic or serious include head injuries, chemical poisoning and major surgical negligence.

Workplace accidents

Quittance has handled claims for people, from lathe operators to pharmacologists, to claim compensation. Injury and illness data in the Leeds local authority are compiled in accordance with the Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations (RIDDOR) by the Health and Safety Executive as follows:

Workplace accidents in Leeds Local Authority (HSE)2011/122012/132013/14
Electrical injury535
Machinery related513331
Explosion related (e.g. gas)120
Fire related (e.g. scars)001
Harmful substance exposure (e.g. pesticide related illnesses)251613
Fall from height (ladder)1206479
Animal related (e.g. dog bites)18912
Lifting and handling injuries391235263
Physical attack965064
Slip, trip, fall same level432315287
Struck against663834
Struck by moving vehicle212015
Struck by object16312188
Trapped by something collapsing449

No Win, No Fee Solicitors handling compensation claims in Pudsey

If you do not win your claim, a No Win, No Fee agreement between you and the solicitor confirms that their fees will not be charged. In the event that you win, your legal costs must be covered by the losing side or their insurer.

100% No Win, No Fee - Guaranteed

No Win, No Fee means you will not have to pay anything if you lose your claim and you have absolutely no hidden costs. With the Quittance network's 100% No Win, No Fee guarantee, there are no catches hiding in the small print.

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What happens next?

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