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*Based on solicitor data 24th May 2017

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Northallerton Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

Howard Willis

Panel Solicitor

Updated: Friday, 5th August 2016

Whether you live in Northallerton or anywhere else in England or Wales, our personal injury lawyers are able to manage your claim and we will always set up a medical assessment at a local medical centre.

Making a personal injury claim

Injury claims should usually be made within a 3-year window.

Considerable legislation is in place to give support to people seeking compensation, and our network of injury lawyers have years of experience giving advice to clients regarding the likelihood of success.

For the majority of injury claims, proving a claim has three key components. It needs to be proven that the person or company causing the injury owed you a duty of care, that this duty of care was breached, and this breach caused your illness or injury.

Starting your claim as soon as possible will enable your solicitor to help collate supporting witness statements and other evidence.

How do you choose the best no win no fee personal injury solicitor?

Compensation for a claim can take months, and even years in the most serious claims, to be settled. The SRA are responsible for regulating the legal advice given by personal injury solicitors, but they are not required to monitor many factors of interest to people affected by injury, such as speed or level of service.

Given the impact your lawyer can have on your experience of making a claim, choosing a lawyer that matches your needs is a crucial first step.

Compensation is restricted by the expenses you have incurred and by set recommended 'general damages' depending on the nature of the injury. Experience can also have an impact on the amount of compensation your solicitor will be able to negotiate. Find out more here.

Once a settlement has been agreed, solicitors working on a no win no fee basis will usually charge a success fee and ATE insurance premium. For example, deductions from a Claimant's compensation for neck injuries causing spondylosis, serious limitation of movement or permanent/recurring pain could vary between £11,110 and £20,185 (based on 2015 market research).

Northallerton solicitor reviews

The quality of legal advice offered by injury lawyers can vary a great deal.

Researching reviews can certainly help build a picture when thinking about which lawyer to work with.

Find out more Reviews

Do I need to select a local injury lawyer ?

The location of a lawyers office is not especially relevant as cases can be managed by phone and email.

It is however necessary to choose a company that has medical facilities near you as you will almost always have to attend a medical exam.

See - What is the process for attending a medical?

Cases our network of solicitors handles

Compensation could be arranged for a wide range of injuries across Northallerton. Our team have helped with injuries including:

Medical and clinical negligence in Northallerton

Medical negligence, which is more precisely known as clinical negligence, is when there has been a failure to carry out a responsibility by a medical professional. Quittance's panel of injury solicitors covering North Yorkshire and Northallerton have helped Claimants with claims brought against local hospitals including Friarage Hospital Site, Friarage Hospital, Northallerton, DL6 1JG.

Northallerton serious injury claims

We recognise the difference an injury claim makes to the lives of severely injured Claimants. By reducing the financial pressure severe injury puts on an injured person, a compensation claim enables Claimants to prioritise their rehabilitation. Our panel of lawyers work with Courts and insurance companies, helping to ensure Claimants impacted by serious accidents receive legal and medical support. Injuries and medical conditions which are considered by the Courts to be serious include cerebral palsy and chemical burns.

Accidents in the workplace

We have handled claims for Claimants, from members of the army to multimedia programmers, to claim work accident compensation. Work accident information for the Hambleton local authority made available under regulations by the Health and Safety Executive in the following table:

Work accidents in Hambleton Local Authority (RIDAGGR)2011/122012/132013/14
Machinery related injury1268
Exposed to explosion100
Exposed to fire302
Exposure to harmful substance523
Fall from height161010
Injured by an animal815
Lifting and handling injuries511626
Physical attack434
Slip, trip, fall same level363325
Struck against341
Struck by moving vehicle734
Hit by object15129
Trapped underneath something033

Industrial disease

Lawyers can help with securing compensation for industrial injuries including anything from industrial deafness to asthma caused by colophony.

Slips, trips and falls

Health and Safety data demonstrate that employee slips, trips and falls are the most frequent cause of injury in the Yorkshire workplace. Slips, trips and falls are sometimes the cause of injuries attributed to other reasons like being hit by an object falling from a vehicle, a lifting injury or an animal related accident. Public liability claims for injuries such as broken wrists suffered on slippery pavements are also quite common with pavement trips having happened on the Green and on Forge Lane.

Road accidents in Northallerton

Our panel of qualified no win, no fee personal injury lawyers have a wealth of experience in fighting for the best damages for anyone who has sustained an injury in a car or motorcycle accident in Northallerton.

Accidents in the Northallerton region in 2013 included crashes on the single carriageway of the B1333 and A167 roundabout and on the single carriageway of the A167 and B6271 mini-roundabout.

No Win, No Fee Solicitors handling compensation claims in Northallerton

When you do not win your case, a No Win, No Fee agreement (or CFA) with the lawyer confirms that the legal costs will not be charged. In the event that you succeed in the injury claim, the legal costs must be paid by the losing party.

A 'success fee' can be charged by lawyers that work under a No Win, No Fee agreement. The fee is generally 25% and is taken from your compensation settlement.

Are there any additional fees that need to be paid?

No Win, No Fee should mean that there is nothing to pay if the claim is unsuccessful and you have no hidden costs. With our No Win, No Fee, there will be no catch and there is no risk of losing out.

Click here to read more about about No Win, No Fee.

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