A guide to making a personal injury claim

By Jonathan Speight

If you are based in Moira or anywhere else in England or Wales, our experienced lawyers can manage your claim and we will always arrange a medical at a medical centre near you.

Can I make a personal injury claim?

If you suffered an injury in the last 3 years and a third party was at fault, our panel of expert solicitors can assist you with a compensation claim.

What is my claim worth?

The amount of financial compensation you are likely to receive is calculated with reference to Judicial College Guidelines. Our easy to use injury calculator provides a realistic idea of your likely compensation.

Making a claim

Extensive legislation exists to support injured Claimants, and Quittance's network of personal injury solicitors have many years of experience advising their clients regarding the strength of their claims.

Claimants with certain illnesses or conditions such as RSI are frequently still able to claim even if the illness was triggered by events some years ago. The date you are informed of your diagnosis is what starts the three-year time limit in these cases.

Whether claiming for a road accident in Moira or slip or trip, there are three key components to a successful personal injury claim. It must be shown that:

  • a duty of care was owed
  • that the duty was breached
  • the breach was the cause of the injury or illness

In all cases, a brief, no-obligation call with a Moira-specialist solicitor can give information and useful advice.

How to approach choosing the best no win no fee personal injury solicitor for your needs

Identifying the most suitable legal representation for your case is a key step towards getting the best compensation award for your injuries.

How do you make certain you instruct the best company to pursue compensation for you?

Will I need a local Moira lawyer ?

Choosing a nearby solicitor is less relevant as cases are normally managed without the need to meet the solicitor.

You will need to go with a law firm that has medical facilities near you as you will almost always be expected to go to a medical assessment.

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What should you consider when checking Moira solicitor reviews?

Discussing you claim with a solicitor is an easy way to identify whether they are a good fit. Reviews for personal injury law firms are a great resource to compare the approach and service levels offered by different firms.

The variation in the level of personal injury success fees and ATE premiums between law firms working on CFAs (Conditional Fee Agreement) is enormous.

As an example the amount of financial compensation retained by a Claimant awarded £48,922 for asbestosis might vary from £29,353 to £41,584.

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Personal injury compensation claims Quittance conducts in Moira and Lisburn and Castlereagh

Compensation can be claimed for a range of injury and illness in Moira and throughout Lisburn and Castlereagh. We can help with injuries and illness including:

Accidents at work

Quittance has handled claims for Claimants, from electricians to medical physicists, to claim work accident compensation.

Industrial disease

Solicitors can help with getting compensation for industrial illness including anything from respiratory diseases to irritant contact dermatitis.

Moira solicitors for serious injury compensation

The long-term impact serious injury has will be recognised by Courts when they are calculating how much compensation to pay. Compensation will ease the financial burden and reduce stress so an injured person enabling them to prioritise rehabilitation.

Our panel of solicitor firms have for many years helped Claimants affected by severe accidents. Injuries and illnesses which are considered to be serious and catastrophic include amputation, dioxin poisoning and brain injuries.

Medical and clinical negligence in Moira

Medical negligence (which is now more properly referred to as Clinical Negligence) is when there has been a failure to carry out a responsibility on the part of a medical provider. An illustration of this might be a surgical error compensation claim. Our panel of lawyers covering Moira have helped people with legal action brought against NHS and private hospitals that include Belfast City Hospital, 51 Lisburn Road Belfast Belfast Co Antrim BT9 7AB.

Road accidents in Moira

Quittance's panel of certified no win no fee personal injury solicitors are experienced in in securing the best settlements for people who have been injured in a car or motorbike accident in Moira.

Slip and trip injuries

Reported data highlight the fact that slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of injury at work in 2015. These types of accident are often connected to injuries incorrectly attributed to other causes such as being hit by another person, when helping another person or an electrical discharge accident. Public place claims for injuries such as fractured wrists suffered on spillages are also common with street falls having happened on Main St.

How No Win, No Fee personal injury solicitors take care of Moira compensation claims

If your compensation claim is not successful, a No Win, No Fee agreement with the lawyer confirms that their fees will not be charged. When you are successful, the costs for your lawyer will be settled by the other party.

Are there any additional costs to pay?

Some firms may charge extra costs if they lose your case. Using a Quittance solicitor, your No Win, No Fee protection is guaranteed, with nothing extra in the small print. Click here for more information about No Win, No Fee.

What to do next

Whether you are ready to start you claim now or are simply looking for more information, Quittance can help.

Get more information

Making the right decision depends on the right information. Get answers to your questions before you instruct a solicitor.

Get more information without having to pick up the phone. See more frequently asked questions here.

Start a claim for compensation

Phone an injury claims expert on 0800 612 7456 (0333 344 6575 from mobiles) to make the personal injury claim, or you can start the injury claim here.

If you have anything else to ask before making a decision, contact 0800 612 7456 or request a callback at a convenient time.