A guide to making a personal injury claim

By Paul Carvis

Our national panel of personal injury solicitors help clients across the UK to keep more of their compensation with our fairer success fees.

Whether you live in Mintlaw or anywhere in the country, our lawyers will handle your claim and we will always arrange a medical assessment at a medical centre near you.

Can I make a claim?

If you suffered an injury or ilness, or became aware of an injury, in the last three years and someone else was liable, we can help you make a claim for compensation.

How much compensation can I claim?

The level of compensation you will be awarded will depend on a variety of factors. Our easy to use calculator provides an accurate estimate of your likely award or settlement.

Making a personal injury claim

Claims must usually be made within three years of the date the accident occurred or you learned of the injury.

Whether claiming for a work-related illness in Mintlaw or road accident, there are three components to proving a claim. It must be proven on the balance of probabilities that:

  • a duty of care was owed
  • that the duty was breached
  • the breach was the cause of the injury or illness

Your solicitor will explain how the points will relate to your case.

Help for those searching for a personal injury solicitor

It can take several months for most minor injury claims to be settled. Claims involving serious injury or disputed liability can take much longer. All solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), however service levels can vary.

Your lawyer should be someone you can rely on throughout the claims process to offer specialist legal guidance and compassionate practical advice.

Compensation is restricted by the expenses you have incurred and by set recommended 'general damages' depending on the nature of the injury. Your solicitor's experience can impact the level of damages negotiated. Find out more here.

Solicitors working on a No Win, No Fee basis generally charge a success fee and for ATE insurance. Deductions from a Claimant's compensation for loss of taste, for example, ranges from £15,510 to £20,185 (based on 2015 market data).

What should you consider when comparing Mintlaw solicitor reviews?

Speaking to a solicitor is useful if you have any questions about their approach. Before you call, checking personal injury solicitor reviews should give you a clear understanding of the difference between service levels offered by firms.

Are Mintlaw Claimants restricted to only local law firms?

As with many professional services, you do not need to instruct a law firm near you.

Usually, the only aspect that should be carried out locally is the medical exam. This exam provides necessary medical evidence to support your claim, and is carried out in partnership with a member of our national medical network.

Wherever your solicitor is based, they will arrange for a local medical expert to carry out the exam.

Personal injury compensation cases Quittance handles in Mintlaw

Quittance's network of lawyers have assisted people receive compensation for a range of injury and illness.

Workplace accidents

Quittance has helped people, from soldiers to medical representatives, to claim compensation.

Serious injury

We recognise the vital change a successful claim can make to the lives of seriously injured Claimants. By relieving the pressure catastrophic and serious injury imposes on an injured Claimant and their dependants, an injury claim helps individuals to concentrate on their recovery and rehabilitation. Quittance's network of solicitor firms for many years have aided families affected by serious accidents and injuries.

Industrial disease

Solicitors can help Claimants with securing compensation for diverse industrial illnesses including anything from noise induced hearing loss to asthma caused by latex.

Clinical and medical negligence in Mintlaw

Medical negligence - which is correctly called clinical negligence - is where an injury or illness is sustained following a breach of duty on the part of a doctor or healthcare professional. A common example might be a prescription error compensation claim. Our panel of solicitors covering Mintlaw have worked on negligence claims brought against healthcare providers including Ugie Hospital, Ugie Road, Peterhead, AB42 1LZ.

Road traffic compensation claims

Quittance's network of best of breed lawyers have a wealth of experience in negotiating the highest general and special damages for Claimants who have sustained an injury in a car or motorcycle accident in Mintlaw.

Accidents involving cars, mororbikes and all other vehicles in Mintlaw are quite common. Statistics from accidents reported to the police show 23 fatal accidents, 174 serious accidents and 422 slight accidents in 2013 in Aberdeenshire (Total events were 619 local authority district. In 2014 the total had decreased to 570.

Slip, trip and fall injuries

Health and Saftey Executive statistics show that slips and trips continue to be the most common cause of accidents leading to injury at work. These types of accident are often the precursor to accidents classified under another heading for instance being hit by hand tools in use, a crush injury from something overturning or an animal related accident. Public liability negligence claims injuries such as broken collarbones happening on spillages are also common with pothole trips having happened on South St and on Mill Street.

No Win, No Fee Lawyers in Mintlaw

Were you to succeed in the case, the costs for your lawyer are paid by the Defendant or their insurer. In the event that you lose your claim, a No Win, No Fee agreement with your lawyer means the solicitor's fees are not payable.

A success fee will be charged by lawyers serving Mintlaw working under a No Win, No Fee agreement. The success fee is deducted from your compensation award and is usually 25%.

Are there extra fees?

No Win, No Fee should mean that you will have absolutely no hidden fees and there is nothing owed if the claim is lost. With our No Win, No Fee, there is no risk of losing out. Click here to learn more about about our No Win, No Fee.

How to proceed

Whether you are ready to start you claim now or are simply looking for more information, Quittance can help.

Get your questions answered

Making the right decision depends on the correct information. Get any questions answered before you choose a solicitor.

Get answers to common questions asked by people looking for claims advice on the frequently asked questions page.

How to get a compensation claim started

Once you are ready to proceed, you can start your claim for compensation by calling 0800 612 7456 or via Quittance's online contact form.

Quittance's team of experts can help. If you have further questions, you can request a no-obligation callback or call us on 0800 612 7456 today.