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If you are based in Ilfracombe or anywhere else in England or Wales, our expert injury solicitors are able to handle your claim and we will always arrange a medical report at a local medical centre.

Have I got a claim for injury compensation?

If you suffered an injury or illness, or became aware of an injury, in the last 3 years and a third party was liable, Quittance's panel of solicitors can assist you with a claim for compensation.

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How much compensation can I claim for an injury?

The amount of money you could claim for your injury will depend on:

  • the extent of your injury, and
  • any financial losses or costs you have incurred.

At the start of your claim, your solicitor will consider the many ways your injury has affected your life. Your solicitor will take all of these effects into account to calculate the correct compensation award for you.

This calculation will factor in 'general damages' and 'special damages'.

General damages

General damages are awarded for pain, suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA).

Awards for general damages are set by the Judicial College and published in their guidelines for personal injury awards.

Special damages

Special damages are for financial losses and expenses you have incurred as a result of the accident.

What can I claim for after an injury? (see list)

Examples of special damages (losses you can claim for) include:

  • Lost earnings (including future earnings)
  • Medical treatment costs
  • Physiotherapy
  • Travel costs
  • Costs of care
  • Costs of adapting your home or car

Find out what your injury claim could be worth now

Assessing a claim's value at the outset can be complicated, particularly if you have multiple injuries.

If you would like a FREE claim estimate with no obligation to start a claim, call 0800 612 7456.

Alternatively, our compensation calculator will give you an instant estimate of what your claim is worth.

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Qualifying for personal injury compensation

Personal injury claims must be made within three years of the date the accident occurred or you learned of the injury in the majority of cases.

For most claims, there are three components to a successful personal injury claim. It must be shown that:

  • the person or company causing the injury owed you a duty of care
  • the duty of care was breached
  • this breach caused your illness or injury

The lawyer should look at how each of these points will relate to your case.

What is my claim worth?

The compensation you will be awarded is based on the seriousness of your injuries. Our online injury calculator gives you a realistic idea of your potential damages award.

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Work accident claims in Ilfracombe

Worker injured in accident

We have helped people, from members of the Royal Navy to hydrologists, to claim maximum compensation. Work accident figures for the North Devon local authority are listed under legislation by the Health and Safety Executive and set out below:

Work accidents in North Devon Local Authority (RIDAGGR)2011/122012/132013/14
Machinery related injury463
Explosion related (e.g. gas)020
Harmful substance exposure (e.g. mercury poisoning)301
Fall from height101511
Animal related (e.g. dog bites)130
Manual handling573836
Slip, trip, fall same level412835
Struck against446
Struck by moving vehicle331
Struck by object20919

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Road traffic accident claims in Ilfracombe

Cars involved in a road accident

Quittance's network of best of breed road traffic accident (RTA) litigators have decades of experience in getting optimum awards for claimants hurt in a road accident in Ilfracombe.

Road traffic accidents involving all vehicles in Ilfracombe are common. Police reporters reveal that there were 16 fatal accidents, 294 serious accidents and 2094 slight accidents in 2013 in Devon (Total events were 2404 local authority. By 2014 accidents increased to 2,427.

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Other claims we handle

Slip, trip and fall injuries

Health and Saftey Executive figures show that slips and trips are by far the most common cause of injury in the Devon workplace. Slips, trips and falls are typically the cause of injuries categorised as something else e.g. being struck by moving machinery or a harmful substance accident. Public liability compensation claims for injuries like bruised legs happening on pavement cracks are also common with pavement crack trips having happened on West Rd and on Church St.

Ilfracombe serious injury compensation

Quittance's team recognise the vital difference an injury claim can make to seriously injured claimants. By limiting the financial pressure severe injury imposes on a claimant and their family, a claim enables individuals to prioritise rehabilitation. Our network of law firms work with doctors and health professionals, the Courts and insurance providers ensuring people impacted by severe accidents get legal and medical support.

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Industrial disease

Injury lawyers can help claimants with claiming maximum compensation for industrial illness ranging from workplace cancer to chromium related illnesses.

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Medical negligence in Ilfracombe

Medical negligence is the term for when a person suffers injury or illness as the result of the lack of care of a GP, nurse or other medical professional. Our expert solicitor panel can help you claim compensation from the NHS hospital or private clinic.

If you are only looking for closure or answers as opposed to starting an injury claim, you could use the NHS Resolution process. You can contact Wonford House, Dryden Road, Exeter, Devon, for example, to raise a complaint against Devon Partnership NHS Trust.

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Ilfracombe No Win, No Fee Solicitors

No win, no fee' means that there will be no legal fees to pay if your claim is unsuccessful. Our national network of no win, no fee solicitors cover Ilfracombe and the whole of the UK.

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Meet our team

Quittance Legal Services' national network of solicitors handle all types of claims in Ilfracombe and have a wealth of experience in fast track, complex and catastrophic injury claims. Our lawyers are selected for their years of specialist experience and their success rate in winning claims.

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Kevin Walker Serious Injury Panel Solicitor
Rakhi Chauhan Road Accident Panel Solicitor
Tim Fieldhouse Industrial Disease Panel Solicitor

What experience do you have of winning claims in Ilfracombe?

Quittance Legal Services (QLS) is a nationwide network of award winning personal injury lawyers dedicated to helping people in Ilfracombe, Devon and across the UK, obtain financial compensation for their injuries.

Last year, we have helped hundreds of people in Devon seek compensation for a range of injury circumstances, including injuries sustained from a fall at work and car accidents.

With a first-rate claims record, we offer a service that is as stress-free as possible. Local medical appointments, home visits (where necessary) and a team of experts only a phone call away, means you can focus on getting back to where you were before your injury.


Can I get 100% No Win, No Fee?

If your claim is not successful, our No Win, No Fee policy covers 100% of your legal fees. This takes the financial risk out of making a claim.

Guidance for potential claimants looking for a solicitor

In many cases a personal injury claim can take several months to complete and in severe injuries, some claims can take over a year. The SRA regulate the legal advice given by personal injury solicitors, but they are not responsible for many factors of interest to people considering an injury claim, such as quality of service or speed of communication.

Considering the effect your solicitor can have on your experience of making a claim, choosing a lawyer that meets your needs is an important first step.

The contrast in the amount of personal injury success fees and insurance premiums between different firms can have a significant impact on your compensation.

For instance the amount of compensation retained by a claimant accepting a settlement of ?15,008 for wrist injuries causing permanent pain and stiffness can range from ?9,005 to ?12,756.

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Do you need to choose a local solicitor ?

The location of the firm is not important as cases are handled by phone, post and email.

It is however necessary to go with a law firm that has medical facilities near you as claimants will almost always need to attend a medical assessment.

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Look into Ilfracombe personal injury solicitor reviews

The levels of service offered by lawyers can vary significantly.

Online personal injury solicitor reviews can certainly be informative if you are attempting to decide which lawyer to go with.

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