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*Based on solicitor data 24th May 2017

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Huddersfield Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

Howard Willis

Panel Solicitor

Updated: Thursday, 4th August 2016

Whether you are based in Huddersfield or anywhere in the UK, our expert personal injury solicitors will help with your claim and we will always set up a medical report at a centre near you .

Making a claim

Claims must, in the majority of cases, be made within a three-year window, starting from the date you knew of your injury.

People who have received a diagnosis of a medical condition or illness like repetitive strain injuries may still be eligible for compensation even if the condition developed as the result of events that happened years ago. In these circumstances, it is the date of diagnosis that is important.

To win a personal injury case, your lawyer must demonstrate that the Defendant owed you a duty of care, that the Defendant breached that duty, and that your injury or illness was caused by that breach.

The lawyer will discuss these key issues and should look at how they apply in your case.

How do you find the best no win no fee personal injury lawyer?

Identifying the most suitable PI lawyer to assist you is a key step towards getting the most compensation for your illness or injuries.

With approximately 100 offices within 25 miles of Huddersfield, how do you make sure you select the best law firm to advise you?

Do you need a local solicitor ?

The location of the firm is not so important as cases are usually handled by phone, post and email.

You will need to instruct a law firm that offers national medical centres (possibly even home visits) as you will almost always need to go to a medical exam.

See : Do you have a local medical centre?

Huddersfield personal injury solicitor reviews

Service standards provided by lawyers, as with any professional service, can differ.

Researching reviews is a great place to start if you are weighing up which lawyer to instruct.

See - Reviews

Compensation is limited to costs you have had to bear as a result of the injury and by set recommended 'general damages' depending on the nature of the injury. Experience can also have an impact on the amount of compensation your solicitor will be able to negotiate. Find out more here.

Once a settlement has been agreed, solicitors working on a no win no fee basis will usually charge a success fee and ATE insurance premium. For example, deductions from a Claimant's compensation for spinal cord damage could vary between £73,700 and £130,130 (based on 2015 market research).

The key questions to put to your prospective solicitor are "what success fee and ATE premium do you charge?" and "how much of the compensation will I keep?".

Compensation claims we handle in Huddersfield

Our panel of experienced solicitors have assisted individuals get compensation for a range of injuries.

Industrial disease

Lawyers can assist with securing compensation for industrial injuries including anything from NIHL to cancer caused by diesel exhaust fumes.

Accidents at work

We have handled claims for injured Claimants, from farm workers to illustrators, to get the compensation they deserve. Injury and illness figures in the Kirklees local authority are detailed under reporting legislation by the Health and Safety Executive in the table below:

HSE reported work accidents in Kirklees Local Authority2011/122012/132013/14
Not Known865751
Electric shock injury130
Machinery related injury422530
Explosion related (e.g. gas)010
Exposed to fire411
Harmful substance exposure (e.g. radiation poisoning)1365
Fall from height (scaffolding)523032
Animal related (e.g. riding accident)1224
Lifting and handling injuries20098118
Physical assault331326
Slip, trip, fall same level176156100
Struck against222017
Struck by moving vehicle14911
Hit by falling object865148
Trapped by something collapsing154

Medical and clinical negligence in Huddersfield

Clinical negligence - formerly referred to as medical negligence - is when there has been a failure to carry out a responsibility on the part of a healthcare provider. A common example might be a cosmetic surgery compensation claim. Quittance's experienced panel of lawyers acting for Huddersfield have assisted with claims brought against hospitals including BMI The Huddersfield Hospital, Birkby Hall Road, Huddersfield, HD2 2BL.

Slips, trips and falls

Official figures stress the fact that slips and trips are by some margin the most prevalent cause of injury in the West Yorkshire workplace. They are sometimes connected to injuries attributed to other reasons like being hit by moving machinery or an electrocution accident. Public place negligence claims injuries like broken wrists happening on pavement ice are also common with falls having happened on Northumberland Street and on Broad Lane.

Road accidents in Huddersfield

Accidents involving all vehicles in Huddersfield are relatively frequent with statistics showing a total of 1215 accidents (1075 slight accidents, 127 serious accidents and 13 fatal accidents) in 2013 in Kirklees council area. In 2014 total accidents had decreased to 1,109. Accidents in Huddersfield in 2013 included car crashes on the dual carriageway of the A629 and B6432 crossroads and on the single carriageway of the A62 and A641 crossroads.

Quittances panel of qualified injury lawyers have a wealth of experience in securing the highest compensation for people who have been hurt in a car or motorbike crash in Huddersfield.

Huddersfield experts for serious injury compensation claims

The long-term effect serious and catastrophic injury can have is understood by the Courts when calculating a claim. By relieving the financial stress severe injury places on a Claimant and their family, a successful claim allows people to prioritise recovery and rehabilitation.

Our panel of solicitors have aided Claimants receive compensation for a range of major injuries and conditions. Injuries and medical conditions categorised as serious and catastrophic include lead poisoning, brain injuries and birth negligence.

How No Win, No Fee lawyers handle Huddersfield cases

No Win, No Fee agreements, also known as CFAs or Conditional Fee Agreements protect clients from a need to pay their legal fees if they do not win their case.

A 'success fee' is levied by Huddersfield solicitors who work under a No Win, No Fee agreement. The fee is deducted from the compensation settlement and is usually 25 percent.

Do I have to pay any hidden costs?

No Win, No Fee means you will face no hidden fees and you will not have to pay anything if you lose your claim. With the Quittance network's 100% No Win, No Fee guarantee, there is no catch in the small print whatsoever and you will not be charged unexpected costs. Read more about our No Win, No Fee here

What should happen next?

Whether you are ready to start you claim now or are simply looking for more information, Quittance can help.

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Before you choose to instruct a solicitor arm yourself with information about the process. Information will help you make the right decision for your future.

Get answers to questions asked by potential Claimants on our frequently asked questions page.

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