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*Based on solicitor data 24th May 2017

90% success rate, 100% No Win, No Fee

Hessle Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

Paul Carvis

Panel Personal Injury Solicitor

Updated: Thursday, 4th August 2016

Whether you are based in Hessle or anywhere else in the UK, our experienced injury solicitors will handle your claim and we will always arrange a medical at a local medical centre.

Making a personal injury claim

Considerable legislation exists to support people seeking compensation, and Quittance's panel of injury lawyers have years of experience advising clients on the strength of their claims.

Claimants who have received a diagnosis of a medical condition or illness like repetitive strain injuries are frequently still able to claim even if the illness was triggered by events some years ago. In these circumstances, it is the date of knowledge, or diagnosis that is important.

Whether compensation is being claimed for a road accident or work-related illness, proving an injury claim involves three components. It needs to be demonstrated that:

  • the person or company causing the injury owed you a duty of care
  • the duty of care was breached
  • this breach caused your illness or injury

In all cases, answers and useful advice can be offered through a free phone consultation with an expert Hessle solicitor.

Advice for potential Claimants looking for a personal injury solicitor

Selecting the best law firm for your legal matter is a key step towards achieving the highest settlement or award for your injuries.

What is the best way to ensure you select the most appropriate solicitors' practice to work with?

Reviews for solicitors in Hessle

Different lawyers adopt many different approaches, from sympathetic to strictly professional. Before picking up the phone, looking up personal injury solicitor reviews should give you a better idea of the level of service on offer.

Compensation is restricted by the expenses you have incurred and by guidelines set out by the Judicial College. Experience can also have an impact on the amount of compensation your solicitor will be able to negotiate. Get more information about how much you can claim.

Solicitors working on a No Win, No Fee basis generally charge a success fee and for ATE insurance. Deductions from a Claimant's compensation for serious arm injuries, for example, ranges from £31,625 to £48,400 (based on 2015 market data).

The key questions to put to your prospective solicitor are "what success fee and ATE premium do you charge?" and "how much of the compensation will I keep?".

Will I need to choose a local Hessle injury lawyer ?

The location of a solicitors office is not very critical as injury cases can be run without the need to meet the solicitor.

However, you should select a law firm that offers medical facilities near you as Claimants will almost always be expected to go to a medical exam.

More on : Do you have a local medical centre?

Personal injury compensation claims Quittance handles in Hessle and East Yorkshire

Quittance's panel of lawyers have guided individuals across Hessle whose accidents were diverse and which resulted in serious injury.

Hessle experts for serious injury compensation claims

Quittance recognise the difference a successful claim will make to the lives of people whose lives have been affected by serious injury. A claim should lessen the financial load on an injured Claimant and their dependants so they can focus on recovery. Quittance's panel of solicitor firms have aided families receive damages for many severe conditions and injuries. Injuries and illnesses referred to as serious range from radiation exposure to concussion.

Road traffic accidents (RTA) in Hessle

Quittances network of road traffic accident injury solicitors are experienced in in negotiating the best awards for anyone hurt in a car or motorcycle accident in Hessle.

Accidents involving vehicles in Hessle are not uncommon. Officially reported accident data shows a total of 1010 accidents (887 slight accidents, 116 serious accidents and 7 fatal accidents) in 2013 in Kingston upon Hull council area. By 2014 accidents increased to 1,017. Incidents in the Hessle area in 2013 included road traffic collisions on the A1105 and B1232 roundabout and on the A15 and A164 roundabout.

Industrial disease

Injury lawyers can help with securing compensation for industrial illnesses ranging from respiratory diseases to asthma caused by colophony.

Slip and trip accidents

HSE statistics underline the fact that slips and trips are by some margin the most prevalent accident in the East Riding Of Yorkshire workplace. Slips and trips are sometimes connected to injuries attributed to other reasons e.g. being hit by a runaway vehicle, a fall from a height or a fire related (burn) accident. Public place compensation claims for injuries such as torn ligaments suffered on pavement ice are also quite common with recent slips and trips having happened on Prestongate and on First Lane.

Medical and clinical negligence in Hessle

Clinical negligence (formerly referred to as medical negligence) is where there has been a breach of the duty of care by a healthcare provider. Our panel of personal injury solicitors acting for Hessle have helped with claims filed against health services that include Spire Hull and East Riding Hospital, Lowfield Road, Anlaby, Hull, HU10 7AZ.

Workplace accidents

We have handled claims for Claimants, from dental nurses to holiday representatives, to claim maximum compensation.

Hessle No Win, No Fee Expert Lawyers

CFAs, also known as No Win, No Fee agreements preserve clients from a requirement to pay their legal fees if the claim for compensation is not won.

Will there be extra fees that need to be paid?

No Win, No Fee should mean that you will not be out of pocket if you lose your claim and you have absolutely no hidden fees. With Quittance's No Win, No Fee, there is absolutely no catch and you will not be charged unexpected costs.

Read more about No Win, No Fee

What should you do next?

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How to get your claim underway

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