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In November we helped 22 people in Fallin and Stirlingshire get the compensation they need.

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*Based on solicitor data 24th May 2017

90% success rate, 100% No Win, No Fee

Fallin Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

Jenny Jones

Panel Senior Litigator

Updated: Sunday, 24th July 2016

Quittance's nationwide panel of lawyers help personal injury Claimants across the country keep more of their settlement or damages with our fairer success fees.

No matter whether you live in Fallin or anywhere else in England or Wales, our expert personal injury lawyers are able to take on your claim and we will always set up a medical report at a medical centre near your home.

Making a claim

Considerable legislation is in place to give support to injured people who seek compensation, and our network of injury solicitors have years of experience giving advice to clients on the likelihood of success.

Claimants who have been diagnosed with an illness or medical condition such as mesothelioma are frequently still able to claim even where the cause of the illness occurred years ago. The date that you learn of your diagnosis is what starts the three-year time limit in such cases.

For the majority of injury claims, proving a claim has these key elements. It must be shown that:

  • the person or company causing the injury owed you a duty of care
  • the duty of care was breached
  • this breach caused your illness or injury

Your solicitor will discuss each of these key issues and should look at how they apply in your case.

How to find the best lawyer

It can take many months for the majority of claims to reach a settlement. Matters involving serious injury or disputed liability can take longer. All solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), however the quality of service does vary.

Considering the effect your legal representative can have on your recovery, choosing a lawyer that meets your needs is an important first step.

Does the location of the solicitor matter?

Claimants are not restricted to local firms and can make a selection based on the success fee a solicitor charges or other service factors.

In most cases, the only aspect that should be carried out locally is the medical exam. This exam provides necessary medical evidence to support your claim, and is carried out in partnership with a member of our national network of medical professionals.

Wherever your solicitor is based, they will arrange for a local medical expert to carry out the exam.

The variation in the amount of personal injury insurance premiums and success fees charged by lawyers working on Conditional Fee Agreements (CFA) is surprising.

For instance the amount of financial compensation retained by a Claimant accepting a settlement of £6,079 for a minor head injury could conceivably vary from £3,647 to £5,167.

More information How much can you claim?

Comparing injury solicitors in Fallin - online reviews

Speaking to a solicitor is useful if you have any questions about their approach. Reviews for personal injury law firms are a useful when contrasting the approach taken by individual firms.

What types of claims do you conduct in Fallin?

Quittance's network of solicitors have helped people in Fallin and throughout Stirling whose accident circumstances were diverse and which resulted in serious injury.

Road traffic accidents in Fallin

Our panel of specialist injury lawyers have a wealth of experience in obtaining maximum compensation for people who have been injured in a car or motorbike crash in Fallin.

Road traffic accidents involving cars, motorbikes and other vehicles in Fallin are quite common with 4 fatal accidents, 66 serious accidents and 232 slight accidents in 2013 in Stirling (Total events were 302 local authority area. In 2014 total accidents had decreased to 224.

Industrial disease

Litigators can help with claiming compensation for industrial injuries ranging from radiation exposure to hand arm vibration syndrome compensation.

Serious injury

We recognise the critical difference injury compensation will make to the lives of people whose lives have been affected by major injury. Quittance's panel of expert lawyers fight to achieve compensation for severe injuries, which includes claiming for medical and care costs. Quittance's network of specialist law firms correspond with medical practitioners, the Courts and insurers ensuring Claimants affected by serious accidents get the support they need. Injury and illness considered by the Courts to be catastrophic or serious range from deep vein thrombosis to lung disease.

Medical and clinical negligence in Fallin

Clinical negligence, formerly known as medical negligence, is the legal term a failing on the part of a medical provider, NHS or private. Quittance's panel of lawyers acting for Stirling and Fallin have handled claims brought against healthcare providers that include Stirling Community Hospital, Livilands Gate, Stirling, FK8 2AU.

Slip, trip and fall accidents

Health and Saftey Executive data show that employee slips and trips continue to be the most common cause of injury at work. Slips and trips are typically the cause of accidents recorded in another category like being hit by an object falling from a machine or a lake drowning accident. Public liability legal claims for injuries like broken shoulders occurring on pavement cracks are also quite prevalent with recent trips having happened on Glasgow Rd and on Cultenhove Rd.

Accidents at work

Quittance has assisted people, from plasterers to exhibition display designers, to get the compensation they deserve.

No Win, No Fee Personal injury Solicitors in Fallin

If you succeed in the claim, your legal costs will be paid by the losing Defendant or their insurance company. If your compensation claim is lost, a No Win, No Fee agreement with your lawyer means you will not have to pay their legal fees.

A 'success fee' is levied by injury lawyers that work under a No Win, No Fee agreement (also called a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA). This fee will be paid out of your compensation and will be in most cases 25%.

Our 100% No Win, No Fee guarantee

Some solicitors may impose additional fees if they lose your case. With Quittance, 100% No Win, No Fee protection is guaranteed, with no catches whatsoever. Read more about our No Win, No Fee here

How to proceed

Whether you are ready to start you claim now or are simply looking for more information, Quittance can help.

Get more information

We give clear information to help you choose whether to proceed.

Find more answers online without needing to pick up the phone. Read more frequently asked questions here.

How to get a claim underway

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