A guide to making a personal injury claim

By Paul Carvis

Quittance's national network of solicitors help clients across the country to keep more damages with our fairer success fees.

Whether you live in Erskine or anywhere in the country, our expert injury solicitors can take on your claim and we will always set up a medical at a centre near you .

Can I make a injury claim?

If you have been injured, or were diagnosed with an injury or ilness, in the last three years and someone else owed you a duty of care, Quittance can help you make a claim for financial compensation.

How much compensation could I get?

The financial compensation you are likely to get is calculated with reference to a number of factors. Our easy to use calculator gives an accurate estimate of your likely award or settlement.

Making a personal injury claim

Claims for personal injury compensation must, in the majority of cases, be made within three years of an injury.

Considerable legislation exists to support injured Claimants, and our network of lawyers have years of experience advising clients on the strength of their claims.

To win a personal injury case, your solicitor must prove:

  • The Defendant owed you a duty of care
  • The Defendant breached that duty
  • Your injury or illness was caused by that breach

Your lawyer should look at how your claim will relate to these issues.

Help for injured people looking for a personal injury solicitor

Compensation for a claim can take months, and even years in severe injuries, to be settled. The SRA regulate the legal advice given by solicitors, but they are not required to monitor many factors that matter to people considering an injury claim, such as speed or level of service.

Your legal representative should be someone you are able to trust throughout your claim to give compassionate practical advice and legal guidance.

Will you need to instruct a local injury lawyer ?

Choosing a nearby firm is not important as injury cases now tend to be conducted remotely.

It is however necessary to choose a solicitors practice that has national medical centres as you will usually have to attend a medical exam.

Read more : What is the process for attending a medical?

Compensation is limited to costs you have had to bear as a result of the injury and by guidelines set out by the Judicial College. Experience can also have an impact on the amount of compensation your solicitor will be able to negotiate. Get more information about how much you can claim.

The key questions to put to your prospective solicitor are "what success fee and ATE premium do you charge?" and "how much of the compensation will I keep?".

Read Erskine personal injury solicitor reviews

The levels of service offered by lawyers, as with any service, can differ.

Reading reviews can help build a picture if you are considering which lawyer to act for you.

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Personal injury compensation cases we handle in Erskine

It is possible to make a claim for a wide range of injury and illness throughout Erskine. Quittance can assist with injuries and illness including:

Medical negligence in Erskine

Clinical negligence - previously referred to as medical negligence - is the legal term a breach of duty on the part of a healthcare provider. Our panel of injury solicitors acting for Erskine have helped with claims filed against hospitals including Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Agamemnon Street, Clydebank, G81 4DY.

Road traffic claims

Our network of certified legal advisors have decades of experience in securing the best awards for people hurt in a car accident in Erskine.

Accidents involving cars, motorbikes and other vehicles in Erskine are not uncommon. Official statistics reveal a total of 324 accidents (286 slight accidents, 33 serious accidents and 5 fatal accidents) in 2013 in Renfrewshire council area. In 2014 total accidents had decreased to 317. Incidents in the Erskine region in 2013 included collisions on the A726 and M898 slip road and on the dual carriageway of the M8 and M898 slip road.

Workplace accidents

We have assisted Claimants, from hotel workers to estate agents, to claim for their work related injuries.

Industrial disease

Solicitors can help Claimants with securing compensation for industrial injuries that range from asbestosis to latex allergy.

Erskine specialists for serious injury compensation

Courts understand that a serious injury has a life-altering impact on an individual and their family.

By limiting the financial stress a serious injury puts on an injured person and their dependants, compensation enables them to prioritise their recovery.

Our panel of law firms engage with insurers and the legal system, helping to ensure Claimants affected by serious accidents get the legal and medical support they need.

Slip and trip injuries

Health and Saftey Executive statistics underscore the fact that employee slips and trips continue to be the most common cause of injury in the workplace. These types of accident are sometimes lead to accidents filed under a different category such as being hit by machinery or a fire related accident. Public place legal claims for injuries like bruised backs experienced on slippery pavements are also common with street trips having happened on Dumbarton Road and on Bargarron Square.

How No Win, No Fee lawyers look after Erskine claims

Lawyers looking after Erskine injury claims generally work on the basis of a CFA or Conditional Fee Agreement. This contract prevents the solicitor from billing you for any legal fees if the case is lost.

A 'success fee' will be charged by lawyers who work under a No Win, No Fee agreement (Conditional Fee Agreement). The fee will be taken out of the Claimant's award and will be usually 25%.

The 100% No Win, No Fee guarantee

Some solicitors could charge extra costs should the case end prematurely. With a Quittance injury lawyer, No Win, No Fee protection is guaranteed, with nothing extra in the small print. Read more about No Win, No Fee

What should happen next?

Whether you are ready to start you claim now or are simply looking for more information, Quittance can help.

Learn more about your claim

Before you choose to instruct your solicitor arm yourself with as much information about making a claim as you need. Information helps you to make the best choice.

Get answers to common questions asked by potential Claimants in the frequently asked questions section.

Start your injury claim

You can start a personal injury claim online or phone us on 0800 612 7456 (0333 344 6575 from mobiles) to speak to a personal injury solicitor.

Talk to our panel of experts for more information about the process. Phone us on 0800 612 7456 or book a callback.