A guide to making a personal injury claim

By Jenny Jones

No matter whether you live in Ellon or anywhere else in England or Wales, our expert injury solicitors can help with your claim and we will set up a medical report at a medical centre near your home.

Have I got a injury claim?

If you were injured in an accident in the last 3 years and another person was responsible, Quittance can assist you with an injury claim.

What are the criteria for making a claim?

Claims for compensation should, in the majority of cases, be made within three years.

To win a Ellon personal injury case, it should be demonstrated that the Defendant owed you a duty of care, that this duty of care was breached by the Defendant, and the breach was the cause of your injury.

Find out how much you can claim

How much compensation you are likely to be awarded is based on the severity of the injury and any losses or costs you incur. Our online claim calculator gives an estimate of the level of compensation you are due.

Road traffic accident claims in Ellon

Cars involved in a road accident

Accidents involving vehicles in Ellon are relatively common. Statistics from accidents reported to the police show a total of 619 accidents (422 slight accidents, 174 serious accidents and 23 fatal accidents) in 2013 in Aberdeenshire local authority. In 2014 accidents decreased to 570.

Quittance's panel of certified solicitors have years of experience in getting the best damages for Claimants hurt in a car or motorbike accident in Ellon.

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Work accident claims in Ellon

Worker injured in accident

We have helped Claimants, from nurses to fisheries officers, to get the compensation they deserve.

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Other claims

Ellon serious injury compensation

Quittance's team recognise the critical difference a compensation claim will make to the lives of people affected by serious injury. We fight to achieve the maximum compensation for severe injuries, including reimbursement for the cost of ongoing treatment and care.

Our network of law firms have helped Claimants collect damages for a wide range of severe conditions and injuries. Injuries and illnesses referred to as serious and catastrophic include radiation exposure, serious psychiatric harm and head injuries.

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Industrial disease

Solicitors can help with claiming compensation for industrial illness that include anything from allergic contact dermatitis to chronic silicosis.

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Slip and trip accidents

Health and Safety data underline the fact that slips and trips are, by some degree, the most frequent cause of injury in the workplace. Slips and trips are quite often related to injuries classified under another heading like being hit by tools in use, a crush injury from something overturning or a toxic substance accident. Public place litigation for injuries such as bruised legs sustained on spillages are also quite common with recent slips having occurred on Market St and on Blairdaff.

Clinical negligence in Ellon

Clinical negligence (once called medical negligence) is where there has been a breach in the duty of care on the part of a medical provider. Our select panel of lawyers acting for Aberdeenshire and Ellon have worked on legal cases brought against private and NHS hospitals that include Inverurie Hospital, Upperboat Road, Inverurie, AB51 3UL.

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Ellon No Win, No Fee Solicitors

No win, no fee' means that you will not have to pay any legal fees whatsoever if your claim is not successful. Quittance's national network of solicitors cover Ellon and work on a guaranteed no win, no fee basis.

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Have you handled many claims in Ellon?

Quittance is a nationwide panel of expert personal injury lawyers that assists people in Ellon, Aberdeenshire and throughout the UK, get compensated for their injuries.

Last year, we assisted hundreds of claimants throughout Aberdeenshire get compensation for a range of accidents and injuries, from public place accidents to factory accidents.

With an excellent claims record, we offer a service that is as easy and stress-free as possible. Local medical centres, home visits (where necessary) and an expert team at the end of the phone, enables you to focus on your recovery.


Can I get 100% No Win, No Fee?

If your claim is not successful, our No Win, No Fee policy covers 100% of your legal fees. This means you will never be out of pocket.

How do you find the best no win no fee personal injury solicitor?

Selecting the best legal team to represent you is your most important step towards negotiating the best settlement or award for your accident.

With 19 offices within 25 miles of Ellon (according to the Solicitors Regulation Authority database) - how can you make sure you instruct the ideal one to work with?

Does the choice of solicitor affect the compensation I will get?

The amount of general damages awarded is set out by the Judicial College. Certainly the experience of the solicitor can be a factor in achieving a greater amount of compensation, but compensation is constrained by these guidelines.

The compensation you keep can vary considerably depending on your choice of firm (2015 research). If you win a No Win, No Fee claim, you will be charged ATE insurance and a success fee by your solicitor. For serious shoulder injuries, for example, general damages vary from ?10,340 to ?15,510 depending on this success fee.

Are Ellon Claimants restricted to only local personal injury solicitors?

You do not need to pick a solicitor near you.

Usually, the only aspect that will need to be performed locally is the medical exam. This exam provides necessary medical evidence to support your claim, and is carried out in partnership with a member of our national medical network.

Personal injury solicitor reviews in Ellon - Tips for comparing firms

There is often no substitute for phoning a solicitor to discuss your case directly. Before you call, checking personal injury solicitor reviews should give you a better idea of the level of service on offer.