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*Based on solicitor data 24th May 2017

90% success rate, 100% No Win, No Fee

Eaglesham Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

Paul Carvis

Panel Personal Injury Solicitor

Updated: Saturday, 3rd September 2016

Quittance's national panel of solicitors help injury Claimants throughout England and Wales to keep more of their settlement or damages with our fairer success fees.

Whether you live in Eaglesham or anywhere in the UK, our expert injury lawyers will assist with your claim and we will arrange a medical assessment at a centre near you .

Making a claim

Powerful legislation is in place to give support to injured Claimants, and our panel of injury lawyers have years of experience giving advice to clients regarding the likelihood of success.

Claimants with certain illnesses or conditions such as asbestosis may still be eligible for compensation even if the illness was triggered by events some years ago. The date that you learn of your diagnosis is what matters in these cases.

In most cases, proving an injury claim involves three components. It needs to be shown that a duty of care was owed, that this duty was breached, and the breach was the cause of the injury or illness.

A short, free call with an Eaglesham injury lawyer can give information and useful advice.

How do you find the best no win no fee personal injury solicitor?

Identifying the best legal team for your legal case is a key step towards claiming the highest compensation settlement for your illness or injuries.

How do you make sure you choose the most appropriate law firm to help you?

Look into Eaglesham personal injury solicitor reviews

The standards of communication and advice offered by solicitors, as with any professional service, vary considerably.

Researching reviews can be informative if you are thinking about which lawyer best serves your needs.

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Are Eaglesham Claimants restricted to only local law firms?

As with many professional services, you do not need to choose a lawyer near you.

Medical examinations will usually need to be conducted locally. Quittance's national medical network will assist with this critical stage of the claims process.

Your lawyer will arrange for a medical practitioner in your area to conduct your medical.

The diversity in fees charged by lawyers working on CFAs (Conditional Fee Agreement) is quite significant

To illustrate the point, the amount of financial compensation retained by an injured person having been awarded £15,661 for neck injuries causing spondylosis, serious limitation of movement or permanent/recurring pain can range from £9,396 to £13,311.

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Personal injury compensation cases we handle

Compensation could be arranged for a wide range of injuries in Eaglesham. Quittance have helped with injuries and illness including:

Eaglesham serious injury compensation claims

The Courts recognise that serious injuries have a life-altering effect on an individual. Our network of solicitors fight for maximum compensation for severe injury and illness, including compensation for medical expenses and care costs. Our network of specialist lawyers have aided people collect compensation for many catastrophic injuries and chronic conditions. Injuries and illnesses categorised as serious include chemical burns and serious psychiatric harm.

Industrial disease

Injury lawyers can help Claimants with claiming work related compensation for industrial injuries ranging from Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) to acute silicosis.

Accidents at work

We have handled claims for people, from building site contractors to counsellors, to claim injury compensation.

Road traffic compensation claims

Road accidents involving all vehicles in Eaglesham are common. Official statistics reveal a total of 120 accidents (105 slight accidents, 13 serious accidents and 2 fatal accidents) in 2013 in East Renfrewshire council area. By 2014 total accidents had decreased to 110.

Our panel of injury lawyers have decades of experience in negotiating the best awards for Claimants who have sustained an injury in a car or motorcycle accident in Eaglesham.

Clinical negligence in Eaglesham

Clinical negligence, once referred to as medical negligence, is where there has been a breach in the duty of care by a medical professional. Our expert panel of solicitors acting for East Renfrewshire and Eaglesham have handled negligence cases made against health services including Hairmyres Hospital, Eaglesham Road, East Kilbride, G75 8RG.

Slip, trip and fall injuries

Health and Safety figures expose the fact that employee slips and trips are the most frequent cause of accidents leading to injury at work. Slips and trips are often the cause of accidents filed under a different category like being hit by a runaway vehicle or a toxic substance accident. Public place claims for injuries like fractured ankles suffered on obstructed walkways are also quite common with street falls having occurred recently.

No Win, No Fee Lawyers handling claims in Eaglesham

Should you win, the legal fees are covered by the losing side (or their insurance company). When your claim is lost, a No Win, No Fee agreement between you and the solicitor means you will not have to pay the legal fees.

A 'success fee' will be charged by Eaglesham lawyers who work under a No Win, No Fee agreement (Conditional Fee Agreement). The fee is deducted from the injured Claimant's compensation and is usually 25 percent.

Will there be hidden fees in the small print?

No Win, No Fee should mean that there are absolutely no hidden costs and you will not have to pay anything if you lose your claim. With our No Win, No Fee guarantee, there is no catch whatsoever. Click here to read more about about No Win, No Fee.

What should you do next?

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