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Cirencester Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

Paul Carvis

Panel Personal Injury Solicitor

Updated: Monday, 1st August 2016

If you are based in Cirencester or anywhere else in the UK, our expert lawyers will manage your claim and we will always arrange a medical assessment at a centre near you .

Making a personal injury claim

Compensation claims should usually be made within 3 years of the injury.

Claimants who have been diagnosed with an illness or medical condition such as asbestosis are often still entitled to claim compensation even where the cause of the illness occurred years ago. The date of diagnosis is what is important in such cases.

In order to win a Cirencester personal injury case, it must be proven that:

  • You were owed a duty of care by the Defendant
  • That duty was breached by the Defendant
  • The Defendant's breach caused your injury or illness

In all cases, answers and invaluable guidance will be provided by a short, free consultation with a specialist solicitor.

How to pick the best no win no fee personal injury lawyer to handle your claim

It can take several months for the majority of claims to have a settlement negotiated. Matters involving serious injury or disputed liability can take much longer. The SRA are responsible for regulating the legal advice given by solicitors, however they are not required to monitor many factors that matter to Claimants, such as speed or level of service.

Considering the effect your solicitor can have on your experience of making a claim, choosing a lawyer that matches your needs is a crucial first step.

Will I have to choose a solicitor near me?

Claimants are not restricted to local firms and can make a selection based on the success fee a solicitor charges or other service factors.

The only element of a personal injury claim that usually needs a local service provider is the medical. This exam is carried out in partnership with a member of our national network of medical professionals.

Wherever your solicitor is based, they will arrange for a local medical expert to carry out the exam.

The disparity in personal injury fees between different firms is important for Claimants.

As an example the amount of financial compensation retained by an injured person accepting a settlement of £26,574 for significant hip or pelvis injuries without serious permanent damage might vary from £15,944 to £22,588.

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Read Cirencester personal injury solicitor reviews

Service levels offered by lawyers, as with any professional service, can differ considerably.

Researching online reviews can certainly be instructive when attempting to decide which solicitor to choose.

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Claims our network of solicitors handles in Cirencester

Our network of injury lawyers help individuals receive compensation for a broad range of injury and illness.

Workplace accidents

We have assisted Claimants, from nurses to civil service administrators, to secure financial compensation awards. Accident at work information for the Cirencester local authority collated in accordance with legislation by the Health and Safety Executive in the following table:

Work accidents in Wiltshire Local Authority (HSE)2011/122012/132013/14
Electricity related452
Machinery related293015
Explosion related (e.g. gas)020
Exposed to fire205
Harmful substance exposure (e.g. toxic torts)1384
Fall from height (scaffolding)624863
Animal related (e.g. riding accident)232122
Lifting and handling injuries222140141
Physical assault301624
Slip or trip207173144
Struck against262218
Struck by moving vehicle11714
Struck by object744160
Trapped underneath something213

Medical and clinical negligence in Cirencester

Clinical negligence (in the past known as called medical negligence) is when an injury follows a failing by a healthcare provider. Our panel of personal injury lawyers acting for Cirencester have helped Claimants with claims brought against infirmaries and hospitals that include Cirencester Hospital, Tetbury Road, GL7 1UY.

Road traffic accidents in Cirencester

Road accidents involving all vehicles in Cirencester are quite common. Gov. uk statistics show a total of 1474 accidents (1283 slight accidents, 174 serious accidents and 17 fatal accidents) in 2013 in Wiltshire local authority. By 2014 accidents increased to 1,607. Incidents in Cirencester in 2013 included car crashes on the single carriageway of the A417 and A429 junction and on the A429 and A419 roundabout.

Our network of professional lawyers are experienced in in fighting for maximum compensation for people who have been injured in a car or motorcycle crash in Cirencester.

Cirencester serious injury compensation

We recognise the critical change compensation can make to the lives of people affected by serious injury. Compensation should lessen the financial load and reduce the pressure on an injured person and their family so they can prioritise rehabilitation. Our network of expert lawyers have for many years aided people affected by serious accidents. Injuries and illnesses which are held to be serious include benzene poisoning, paralysis and serious psychiatric harm.

Slip, trip and fall accidents

HSE statistics demonstrate that slips and trips are the single most frequent accident at work in Gloucestershire. Slips and trips are sometimes related to injuries attributed to other causes e.g. being struck by a moving object, a fall from height or an animal related accident. Public liability compensation claims for injuries such as fractured vertebrae occurring on spillages are also common with recent pavement crack trips having occurred on High St and on Clarks Hay.

No Win, No Fee Personal injury Solicitors in Cirencester

When you win the compensation claim, the costs for your solicitor are covered by the other side. In the event that your case is not successful, a No Win, No Fee agreement with the solicitor states that you will not have to pay the lawyer's fees.

Our No Win, No Fee guarantee

Quittance's network of solicitors promise No Win, No Fee means a Claimant do not have to pay any of the lawyer's costs should you do not win your claim. Click here to learn more about about Quittance's No Win, No Fee.

How to proceed

Whether you are ready to start you claim now or are simply looking for more information, Quittance can help.

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Before you choose a solicitor arm yourself with as much information about making a claim as you think is necessary. This helps you to make the right decision for your future.

Get answers to common questions asked by potential Claimants on our FAQ page.

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