A guide to making a personal injury claim

By Jonathan Speight

Whether you live in Biddulph or anywhere else in England or Wales, our injury solicitors can take on your claim and we will always set up a medical assessment at a medical centre near you.

Do I have a injury claim?

If you were injured in the last 3 years and a third party was to blame, Quittance can assist you with a claim.

Do I have a claim?

Key criteria

People who have been diagnosed with an illness or medical condition like repetitive strain injuries are often still entitled to claim compensation even if the condition developed as the result of events that happened years ago. The date of diagnosis is what starts the three-year time limit in these situations.

Whether a claim is being made for a work-related illness in Biddulph or road accident, a successful compensation claim involves three components. It must be proven on the balance of probabilities that the person or company causing the injury owed you a duty of care, that this duty of care was breached, and this breach caused your illness or injury.

Answers to your questions and practical guidance can be provided by a free phone consultation with an Biddulph injury lawyer.

How much can I claim?

The personal injury compensation you will receive is dependent on the nature and seriousness of your injuries. Our injury calculator gives a realistic idea of the compensation you will receive for your injuries and financial losses.

How much can I claim?

Road traffic accident claims in Biddulph

Cars involved in a road accident

Road traffic accidents involving cars, motorbikes and other vehicles in Biddulph are not uncommon. Official statistics show 24 fatal accidents, 141 serious accidents and 2697 slight accidents in 2013 in Staffordshire (Total events were 2862 local authority. By 2014 accidents increased to 3,083.

Quittance's panel of certified litigators have years of experience in negotiating optimum awards for people who have been injured in a car or motorbike accident in Biddulph.

For more information: No win, no fee road accident claim

Work accident claims in Biddulph

Worker injured in accident

We have assisted self employed or employed claimants, from lathe operators to automotive engineers, to secure financial compensation awards. Work accident data for the Staffordshire Moorlands local authority are published under regulations by the Health and Safety Executive and set out below:

Work accidents in Staffordshire Moorlands Local Authority (HSE)2011/122012/132013/14
Electrical injury010
Machinery related754
Fire related100
Harmful substance exposure (e.g. perchlorate)111
Fall from height (scaffolding)6912
Animal related (e.g. serious cat scratches)112
Lifting and handling injuries521826
Physical assault201017
Slip, trip or fall473532
Struck against765
Struck by moving vehicle302
Struck by object16159
Trapped underneath something111

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Other claims we handle

Medical negligence in Biddulph

Clinical negligence describes when someone suffers injury or illness as the result of a consultant or other health professional's carelessness. Our expert solicitor panel can help you claim compensation from the NHS hospital or clinic that was at fault.

You could follow the NHS complaints procedure if you are just looking for closure rather than financial compensation. For example, you can contact Queen's Hospital, Belvedere Road, Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, to raise a complaint against Burton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

For more information: Medical negligence compensation claims

Biddulph serious injury compensation claims

The Courts recognise that serious injuries have a major effect on an injured person. Our network of solicitors work to get compensation for serious and catastrophic injuries, which includes compensation for the cost of ongoing treatment and care. Our network of lawyers work with the legal system, doctors and insurance companies to make sure families impacted by serious accidents receive legal and medical support.

For more information: Serious injury compensation claims

Slip, trip and fall accidents

Officially reported statistics underscore the fact that slips, trips and falls are the most common cause of injury at work in Staffordshire and the UK. Slips, trips and falls are quite often the forerunner to injuries categorised as something else such as being hit by a moving object or a lake drowning accident. Public liability legal claims for injuries like broken collarbones occurring on obstructed footpaths are also quite common with pothole trips having happened on High Street and on High St.

Biddulph No Win, No Fee Solicitors

No win, no fee' means that there will be no legal fees to pay if your claim is unsuccessful. Our national network of no win, no fee solicitors cover Biddulph and the whole of the UK.

See: No win, no fee injury claims.

Meet the team

The national panel of Quittance solicitors take on all types of compensation claims in Biddulph, from relatively minor claims to long term illness. Our lawyers are selected for their track record in winning claims and their level of experience.

Meet more of the QLS team: click here.

Kevin Walker Serious Injury Panel Solicitor
Rakhi Chauhan Road Accident Panel Solicitor
Tim Fieldhouse Industrial Disease Panel Solicitor

Have Quittance solicitors handled many claims in Biddulph?

Quittance Legal Services is a UK-wide network of specialist personal injury solicitors that helps people injured in Biddulph, Staffordshire and across the country, obtain financial compensation for their injuries.

Last year, we helped 100's of claimants in Staffordshire get compensation for a range of injury circumstances, including accidents at work and car accidents.

Local medical centres, home visits (if required) and an expert team, mean that making an injury claim is as clear and straightforward as possible.


Do you work on 100% No Win, No Fee?

If your claim is not successful, 100% of the solicitor's fees are covered. This means that there is no financial risk to you.

How do you select the best no win no fee personal injury solicitor for your claim?

It can take many months for the majority of claims to conclude. Matters involving serious injury or disputed liability can take years in some circumstances. The SRA regulate the legal advice given by all solicitors, however they do not regulate many factors of interest to people considering an injury claim, such as speed or level of service.

Considering the effect your solicitor can have on your recovery, picking an injury lawyer that meets your needs is an important first step.

Injury lawyer reviews in Biddulph - Tips for comparing firms

There is often no substitute for phoning a solicitor to discuss your case directly. Personal injury solicitor reviews are a great resource to compare the approach taken by individual firms.

You should be aware that the amount of compensation you get to keep can vary considerably from firm to firm (2015 research). No Win, No Fee solicitors will expect you to pay a success fee and an ATE insurance premium. For minor achilles tendon injuries, for example, the compensation you actually keep could vary from ?5,885 to ?10,175 depending on the fees charged by your lawyer.

The questions you should ask a solicitor are "what success fee and ATE premium do you charge?" and "how much of the compensation will I keep?".

Will I need a local injury lawyer ?

The location of the solicitors office is less relevant as injury cases are conducted by phone, post and email.

It is however necessary to instruct a law firm that provides national medical coverage as you will usually be expected to go to a medical assessment.

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Serious Injury Solicitor

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