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*Based on solicitor data 24th May 2017

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Auchterarder Personal Injury Solicitors No Win No Fee

Howard Willis

Panel Solicitor

Updated: Wednesday, 27th July 2016

Quittance's nationwide network of lawyers help Claimants across the UK keep more of their compensation.

Whether you live in Auchterarder or anywhere else in England or Wales, our expert personal injury solicitors will take on your claim and we will set up a medical report at a medical centre near your home.

Making an injury claim

Personal injury claims should be made within 3 years of the date you were injured or learned of your injury in the majority of cases.

Claimants who have received a diagnosis of a medical condition or illness such as repetitive strain injuries may still be eligible for compensation even where the cause of the illness occurred years ago. In these circumstances, it is the date of diagnosis that is considered.

Whether compensation is being claimed for a road accident in Auchterarder or work-related illness, proving an injury claim involves three components. It needs to be proven that:

  • a duty of care was owed
  • that the duty was breached
  • the breach was the cause of the injury or illness

Your solicitor should consider how your injury claim will relate to each of the points.

Guidance for potential Claimants looking for a lawyer

You will be in contact with your legal representative for a long period of time, from several months for less serious injuries to potentially years for complex cases. The SRA regulate strictly legal advice given by personal injury solicitors, however they are not required to monitor many factors that matter to people considering an injury claim, such as communication or speed.

Your legal representative should be someone you can trust at every step of the process to provide specialist legal guidance and compassionate practical advice.

Do I need to instruct a local injury lawyer ?

Choosing a nearby lawyers office is not particularly important as cases are normally run remotely.

However, you should select a law firm that provides national medical centres as you will almost always be expected to attend an independent medical examination.

Further reading - Do you have a medical centre near me?

The diversity in the amount of success fees between law firms is significant.

E.g. the amount of financial compensation retained by a successful Claimant accepting a settlement of £4,346 for a severe thumb dislocation can vary from £2,608 to £3,694.

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Reviews for solicitors in Auchterarder

Different lawyers adopt many different approaches, from formal and traditional to more casual and friendly. Before you call, checking personal injury solicitor reviews should give you a idea of the range of service levels.

Claims our network of solicitors conducts in Auchterarder

Compensation can be arranged for a broad range of injuries in Auchterarder and throughout Perth and Kinross. Our team have helped with injuries including:

Road traffic claims

Quittances panel of expert no win no fee personal injury lawyers have years of experience in obtaining optimum settlements for Claimants hurt in a car or motorbike accident in Auchterarder.

Road traffic accidents involving cars, motorcycles and other vehicles in Auchterarder are relatively frequent with 11 fatal accidents, 87 serious accidents and 299 slight accidents in 2013 in Perth and Kinross (Total events were 397 local authority area. In 2014 the total had decreased to 283.

Serious injury

We recognise the vital difference an injury claim will make to people affected by major injury. A successful claim should lessen the financial load and reduce the pressure on a Claimant and their dependants so they can focus on rehabilitation.

Our network of lawyers work with medical providers and Courts to ensure Claimants impacted by serious accidents and injuries receive the legal and medical support they need. Injuries and illnesses which are considered by the Courts to be serious and catastrophic include major surgical negligence, benzene poisoning and neck injuries.

Accidents in the workplace

Quittance has assisted people, from lathe operators to advocates, to claim for their work related injuries.

Slip and trip injuries

Government figures reveal that employee slips, trips and falls are by far the most prevalent cause of injury in the workplace in 2014/15. They are often forerunner to accidents incorrectly attributed to other causes for instance being hit by another person, when helping another person or a swimming pool drowning accident. Public place cases for injuries like broken toes happening on pavement cracks are also common with pavement crack trips having occurred on High St.

Clinical negligence in Auchterarder

Clinical negligence - previously called medical negligence - is the term used to describe a breach of duty on the part of a healthcare professional. Quittance's select panel of lawyers acting for Perth and Kinross and Auchterarder have helped people with claims brought against local hospitals including St Margaret's Hospital, Western Road, Auchterarder, PH3 1JH.

No Win, No Fee Solicitors serving Auchterarder

In the event that your claim is not won, a No Win, No Fee agreement (or CFA) with your solicitor means you are not required to pay the lawyer's fees. In the event that you win your claim, the costs for your solicitor are settled by the losing side (or their insurance company).

Will I need to pay extra fees?

Some firms could levy extra fees should the claim fail. Using a Quittance solicitor, No Win, No Fee is assured, with nothing extra in the small print. Click here for more information about our No Win, No Fee.

What should happen next?

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