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How much compensation can I claim for a spinal injury?

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A guide to making a No Win No Fee spinal injury claim

Figures published by the charity Spinal Research indicate that around 1,000 people sustain a spinal cord injury each year in the UK and Ireland. Currently, there are 50,000 people living with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.

Over 78% of spinal cord injuries are caused by road traffic accidents and slips, trips and falls. Although some spinal cord injuries lack completely effective treatments, rehabilitation support can help, and medical research into spinal injury continues worldwide.

Compensation enables injured Claimants to fund treatment and rehabilitation care to ensure they enjoy the best possible quality of life.

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Spinal injuries

Spinal injury can be complete damage across the whole width of the spinal cord, or incomplete damage across part of the spinal cord.

Both types of injury can cause varying degrees of paralysis, loss of bodily function, and loss of sensation.

In the most serious spinal injuries, spinal cord damage can result in:

  • Tetraplegia (also known as quadroplegia) - partial or total loss of use of all limbs. The injury usually results in loss of both sensation and motor control of limbs.
  • Paraplegia - impairment of motor or sensory function of the lower extremities. This can include the functions of the lower torso and motor control of the legs.

Your specialist personal injury solicitor will assist you in assessing and documenting your injury for your compensation claim. Assessment will include the impact of your spinal injury on your livelihood, personal care needs and quality of life.  

Spinal injury claims

There is a statutory time limit for making personal injury claims. This time limit is three years from the date of the accident; or three years from the date the Claimant was aware of injuries caused by an accident.

Personal injury claims for spinal injuries should be made as soon as possible following the accident. In many spinal injury cases the Court will agree an interim pay-out before the final settlement is agreed. This interim payment can fund essential care and equipment needed following the spinal injury.

How much compensation can be claimed for a spinal injury

Special damages for spinal injury can be claimed for the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Personal trauma, pain and suffering
  • Loss of amenity - which acknowledges personal adjustments to a Claimant's work, social and domestic life
  • Loss of earnings - both current and future
  • Expenses related to on-going care and accommodations for life-changing injuries 

The exact amount of the claim settlement will be commensurate with the severity of the spinal injury, and any permanent disability or impairment caused. The 'general damages' portion of an award for spinal cord damage can range from £73,700 to £130,130.

How does No Win, No Fee work for spinal injury compensation claims?

No Win, No Fee agreements, technically referred to as Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs), comprise the foundation of a claim.

The CFA sets out the service your lawyer will deliver in addition to the success fee. This success fee will be the fee that will be taken from your damages once your claim is successful.

You have absolutely no hidden costs when working with a Quittance personal injury solicitor. You can focus on your rest and recovery, with the knowledge that that there will be nothing to pay if your case is unsuccessful.

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