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How much compensation can I claim for a concertina collision injury?

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A guide to making a No Win No Fee concertina collision accident claim

A concertina collision refers to a road accident involving more than two cars. One car is shunted into another and into another and so on, causing a 'pile up' of multiple vehicles. This most commonly occurs in heavy traffic as vehicles are often unable to swerve to avoid a collision.

Making a claim for a car accident involving multiple vehicles

A Claimant must firstly prove that someone else was responsible for their accident. In situations where there are numerous cars involved, it can often be difficult to find out who is to blame.

In heavy traffic, it is entirely possible that the person responsible, such as a driver braking unexpectedly, may not even be involved in the accident. It may be that the negligent driver's actions caused the driver behind them to break suddenly too, triggering the pile-up.

Calculating blame and compensation payouts for a multi-car accident

Compensation is dependent on the circumstances of the accident and the involvement of the Claimant. For example, if a claimant is hit from behind and forced into the car in front through no fault of their own then they could receive a larger compensation sum than they would get if they were partly responsible. They would be classed as an innocent party.

However, if a Claimant sees an accident ahead and is unable to stop the car in time to prevent a collision with the car in front because they were driving to close to the vehicle ahead, then they may receive a lesser sum. They would be considered partly responsible for the pile up.

This does not mean that an injured person is unable to claim, as they are not fully responsible for the injuries they have sustained. Legal advice can be sought to assess the chances of the claim being successful under such relatively complex circumstances.

What can be claimed for in a concertina collision?

A person who has been injured in a concertina collision may be able to claim for both general and special damages.

General damages pertain to the pain and suffering experienced as a result of the accident. Special damages cover extra expenses such as travel costs, medical fees and loss of earnings (if the accident has left them unable to work).

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