Lip injury compensation claims

In the following guide we set out what you need to know about making a lip injury compensation claim.

How much can I claim?

The soft tissue of the lips make them especially vulnerable to injury.

Blows to the face, sporting accidents and unsafe beauty treatments and can all puncture or abrade the skin, causing pain, swelling, cuts and bruising. Rashes, blisters or nerve damage may also be experienced after receiving a lip injury.

For many individuals, the look of their face is tied strongly to their self-esteem. As well as the physical injury, lip injuries can have a major psychological impact especially if the injuries result in permanent scarring.

The Courts recognise the impact such scarring can have, and compensation awards for scar-related injury claims will be consequently higher in such circumstances.

Anyone who has suffered a lip injury due to an accident that was not their fault may be eligible to claim compensation.

Medical check-up

Do I have a claim for a lip injury?

If you have suffered a lip injury in the last three years (longer if children were involved) and someone else was to blame, then we can help you make a compensation claim.

Do I have a claim?

What are the primary causes of lip injury?

Lip injuries can occur in many ways including:

Compensation for lip injuries is calculated solely by reference to the nature of the injuries and the impact they might have on the claimant's life. The Court does not usually take into account the cause of the accident when calculating the settlement sum.

To make a successful claim, the cause of the accident does matter as it must be shown that the defendant was negligent in some way.

Who is liable for my lip injury?

Determining who is liable depends on the law surrounding the accident of the type that caused the injury and the specific circumstances of the accident.

For example, if the injuries were caused by substandard beauty therapy, the injury lawyer would gather evidence to prove that the treatment was not administered using with reasonable skill and care.

Where the lip injury has been caused at work, a claim may be brought against the employer. Under various pieces of legislation including the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, employers have a legal obligation to keep their employees safe from harm in the workplace.

An employer who does not take reasonable steps to protect staff from dangerous working conditions may be liable to pay compensation.

What is my lip injury claim worth?

The value of the claim depends on the type, extent and effects of the lip injuries. Since no two cases are the same, the injury lawyer will commission an independent medical examination to assess the seriousness of the lip injury and to determine whether the injury might cause suffering in the future.

The medical expert will also assess the medical expenses that may need to be incurred and whether any time off work is justified. The report of the independent medical professional is used as a basis for the compensation claim.

No Win, No Fee lip injury claims explained

A No Win, No Fee injury claim properly begins after the claimant signs up to, with their lawyer, a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA).

The agreement details the service provided by the solicitor and the "success fee". The "success fee" is the amount that will be deducted from your compensation if your lawyer wins your claim.

Find total peace of mind with the knowledge that you will never be out of pocket and there is nothing to pay up front. You have no hidden charges when choosing a Quittance personal injury solicitor.

Calculate my lip injury compensation

The amount of compensation you will receive depends on a number of factors. Our personal injury compensation calculator provides an accurate estimate of your likely compensation.

How much can I claim?

Accidents at work - Claims against your employer

Every year, 600,000* employees are injured in accidents at work. If you have suffered an injury or illness at work, you may able to claim compensation.

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*Source: 2016/17 Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report

Road traffic accident claims

Every year almost 200,000* people are injured on Britain's roads. If you have been injured in a road accident that was not your fault, you can claim compensation.

Find out more about claiming lip injury compensation for a road accident: Read more about road accident claims

*Source: Official Department of Transport statistics (

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