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How much compensation can I claim for an internal organ injury?

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A guide to making a No Win No Fee internal organ injuries claim

Compensation claims for injuries internal organ can arise from a variety of situations, from road traffic accidents to accidents in the workplace and criminal acts. Although more commonly the result of blunt trauma, injuries to internal organs can also occur as the result of surgical error.

When assessing compensation awards, the Courts recognise that damage to one or more internal organs can lead to significant pain and suffering. In many cases, the injury also requires a lengthy recovery period, which will also be factored into an award.

Diagnosis and medical reports

Some internal organ injuries are easily diagnosed, for example where penetration has occurred or where symptoms are obvious. In other instances, a delay in diagnosis can occur as the injuries are not always immediately apparent. This can lead to a deferral in treatment and further complications, such as major blood loss, infection or organ failure.

A prompt and correct diagnosis is an important step not only for recovery, but also when pursuing a claim. Medical reports and expert opinion can provide vital evidence, including detailing the cause of the injury.

Common internal organ damage claims?

Workplace accidents

Many injuries to internal organs are sustained in the workplace. Workers in certain industries, such as construction and manufacturing, are particularly at risk. Classified as ‘major incidents' by RIDDOR, examples of injuries that result in organ damage include, crush injuries caused by forklifts and similar vehicles and blunt trauma injuries sustained through falls or after being struck by a moving object.

Road traffic accidents

Road traffic accidents are another major cause of internal organ injuries. They can affect drivers, passengers and pedestrians alike. Examples include receiving blunt trauma from a seatbelt or steering wheel on impact, being crushed by a car or motorbike or receiving a deep puncture wound from sharp material such as glass or metal.

Surgical negligence (iatrogenic injuries)

Whenever a person undergoes a surgical procedure, there is always a possibility of damage to the organ being operated on or an adjacent organ. For example, a hysterectomy could result in perforation of the bowel, kidney surgery could result in damage to the liver or a slip of the knife could cause an unwelcome incision in the heart.

Claims for criminal injury

A claim for criminal injury compensation can be made even in the event that the identity of the assailant is unknown.

Claims of this kind are made through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). Your solicitor will be able to assist with claims made to CICA.

Although injuries can affect any of the internal organs, some are more commonly seen in compensation claims. These include:

No Win, No Fee internal organ injury claims

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