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How much compensation can I claim for cruise ship food poisoning?

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A guide to making a No Win No Fee cruise ship food poisoning claim

This March, news reports revealed that 114 cruise passengers were affected by an outbreak of food poisoning aboard the Royal Caribbean's Legends of the Sea line.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide specific guidelines to ensure that cruise ships adhere to strict health and safety standards. The cruise liner operator has a duty of care to ensure that its passengers are safe and that food is prepared safely and hygienically.

The most common type of food poisoning reported on cruise ships is the norovirus, a highly-contagious virus caught from consuming infected food. This virus is easily spread on cruise ships due to passengers living in such close proximity. There are 25 different strains of norovirus and the symptoms can include vomiting and diarrhoea.

In the event of a food poisoning outbreak on board a ship, the crew should invoke a protocol that would include the sterilisation of all surfaces and the establishing of a quarantine. An immediate investigation into the lapses in food handling procedures that occurred would also follow. Passengers would be informed and constantly updated on the precautions they should take.

Although outbreaks of food poisoning on cruise liners are frequently in the news the risks are far lower than perceived. Figures reveal that outbreaks on cruise ships only account for 1% of all norovirus cases.

A spokesman from the CDC aimed to dismiss the concerns regarding food poisoning on cruise ships claiming, "The reason you hear about Norovirus on cruise ships is because they are required to report every incidence of gastrointestinal illness" (

Our network of solicitors do not currently have the capacity to take on holiday-related injury and sickness claims outside the UK. It is recommended that you contact a personal injury specialist solicitor to discuss your options as soon as possible, as some jurisdictions have limitation dates of less than the three year limit that is standard in the UK.


If an individual becomes ill with food poisoning while on holiday or working on a cruise ship they may be entitled to compensation.

The compensation award would be dependent upon the severity of the illness and any effects on the Claimant's life, such as loss of earnings due to being unable to work. Legal advice should be sought in the first instance.

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