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Hairline fractures, also known as stress fractures, are small cracks in a bone that can occur due to overuse, accidents, or weakened bones. While they may seem minor, they can cause significant pain and limit mobility. If you've sustained a hairline fracture due to someone else's negligence, such as in a workplace accident or a public space slip, we can help.

If your injuries were caused by someone else's actions or negligence, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

You can make a No Win, No Fee compensation claim with the help and support of a personal injury solicitor.

Over 300,000 people are hospitalised with a fracture every year, you are not alone

A hairline fracture, or stress fracture, is a small crack in a bone, often caused by overuse or repeated impact.

Commonly affecting feet and wrists, stress fractures can result from accidents like trips and falls. Athletes and those in physically demanding jobs are at higher risk.

Subsequent fractures are more likely once you've had one, and employer's must take any previous injury into account when carrying out health and safety risk assessments.

If you decide to make a claim for a hairline fracture, a personal injury solicitor can guide you through the process to secure the compensation you need to move forward.

325,087 people were admitted to hospital in 2021-22 with facture injuries, from an analysis of NHS England data (digital.nhs.uk).

If you are looking for information symptoms and treatment, visit: How do I know if I've broken a bone? (nhs.uk).

Do I qualify for hairline fracture compensation?

If you've been injured or made ill in the last three years and it wasn't your fault, then you will be entitled to claim compensation for hairline fracture.

Find out online if you can claim with our injury claim calculator. Alternatively, you can speak to a claims advisor on 0800 376 1001 and find out if you have a claim in minutes.

Is a claim still possible if I was partly responsible for my injury?

Understanding who is legally at fault for an accident often requires navigating through a maze of legal complexities.

Each year, Quittance carries out a survey of potential claimants. In our 2024 Personal Injury Claimant Survey, 13.99% of respondents felt they might be at least partly to blame for their injuries.

Even if your actions or negligence played a role in the accident, you could still be eligible for compensation. Cases with shared fault (contributory negligence) frequently settle through a split liability agreement.

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Can I claim if I feel I was partly responsible for my accident?

How long do I have to make a hairline fracture claim?

For most injury claims, you have up to 3 years from the date of your injury to start the claims process.

The 3 year limitation period does not apply to minors (under 18s). A parent, guardian or litigation friend can start a claim on a child's behalf up to their 18th birthday and the child has until their 21st birthday to claim for themselves.

How much compensation can I claim for a hairline fracture?

The amount of money you could claim for your injury will depend on:

  • the seriousness of your injury, and
  • any financial losses or costs you have incurred.

At the start of your claim, your solicitor will consider the many ways your injuries have affected your life. Your solicitor will take these considerations into account to calculate the correct compensation award.

Hairline fracture compensation calculator

Get an accurate compensation estimate (including for multiple injuries), confirm your legal position, and check if you have a No Win, No Fee claim.

Updated July 2024 Compensation Calculator v3.04

General damages

General damages are awarded for pain, suffering and loss of amenity (PSLA).

Awards for general damages are set by the Judicial College (judiciary.uk) and published in their guidelines for personal injury awards.

How is compensation calculated if I have multiple injuries?

Special damages

Special damages are awarded to compensate you for any costs or losses you've incurred or might incur as a result of your accident. These costs might include lost wages, bonuses, benefits and other perks, damage to clothing, or any other out of pocket expenses.

Special damages may also be awarded for medical treatments or procedures that you might need to treat your fracture, including pain medication and splinting or casting.

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A complete list of recoverable losses in a personal injury claim

Average hairline fracture general damages compensation

The following hairline fracture payouts refer to the Guidelines for the Assessment of General Damages in Personal Injury Cases, Sixteenth Edition by the Judicial College (oup.com).

These tables are used by solicitors or by the courts as a starting point when calculating your compensation.

Please note: these average figures represent general damages only, and do not include any element of special damages (e.g. lost wages).

Example Amount
Arm injury
Fractured forearm £6,010 to £17,450
Cheekbone fracture
Simple fracture requiring surgery £3,950 to £5,870
Facial injuries
Multiple fractures of facial bones £13,550 to £21,770
Finger injury
Fracture of one finger Up to £4,320
Jaw fracture
Serious injury with permanent consequences £16,330 to £27,720
Leg injury
Simple tibia or fibula fracture Up to £10,760
Simple femur fracture £8,280 to £25,240
Neck injury
Fractures or dislocations or severe soft tissue damage £41,350 to £50,900
Nose fracture
Displaced £2,290 to £2,860
Pelvis and hip injury
Less extensive fractures £56,270 to £71,280
Wrist injury
Wrist fracture recovering within one year £3,210 to £4,310

Can I claim for PTSD or other psychological trauma?

If you have suffered psychological harm in addition to a physical injury or illness, you are not alone.

According to our 2024 Personal Injury Claimant Survey shows that 29.03% of potential claimants sustained a psychological injury, 70.97% of which related to a physical injury.

Hairline fractures can create worry about the stability of the affected area, a phobia of falling (basiphobia). Over time, this phobia can hamper your recovery or lead to other injuries as you avoid certain movements.

A specialist solicitor will consider psychological harm when calculating your compensation. Psychiatric injuries are recognised in the official guidelines for compensation, and the cost of treatment and other mental health support should be included in your compensation award or settlement.

Our compensation calculator can estimate your compensation for psychological injuries. Or you can call us on 0800 376 1001 to speak to a specialist advisor.

Hairline fracture symptoms?

The most common symptom is a dull pain in the area of the fracture. This may be accompanied by some swelling, bruising or a tingling sensation. The pain will be more intense when pressure is exerted on the affected area - during exercise or standing.

How is a hairline fracture diagnosed?

Where a hairline fracture is suspected the patient should be thoroughly examined by his doctor. X-rays should be carried out, but if it is not possible to detect the fracture, further imaging techniques such as MRI scans may be required.

Will the bone heal?

Depending on the bone that is injured a splint or cast may be required to immobilise the affected area. It is recommended that the extremity (arm or leg) is initially elevated and rested to allow the bone to heal. After any swelling has subsided it should be possible to start putting a little weight on the area as this stimulates healing, increasing this after a couple of weeks.

By avoiding the activity that caused the fracture for at least 6-8 weeks, the bone should heal completely.

Whilst the bones usually heal if they are rested, if the fracture is not diagnosed and therefore left untreated, the injury may worsen and take longer to heal.

What happened?

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