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Farmer's lung compensation claims

In this guide we set out what you should know about making a farmer's lung compensation claim.

How much can I claim?

According to a report compiled by the Health and Safety Executive in 2014, approximately 28,000 employees have experienced respiratory problems as a result of their working environment.

7% of cases were identified as being caused by allergic reactions to dust from animal feed, straw, grains or flour. People who are employed in agricultural environments can be particularly vulnerable to these reactions, known as 'Farmer's Lung'.

Lung x ray

Does the law recognise Farmer's Lung

Farmer's Lung is a respiratory condition that can be contracted by agricultural workers. Those who work with cattle are particularly at risk.

The condition is also often caused by hay that has been stored when it is still damp. The hay develops mould which contains bacteria; and when it dries, the resulting dust releases that bacteria into the air. The consequences of inhalation of this bacteria range from short term illness to having a significant impact on quality and length of life.

How much can you claim for Farmer's Lung?

For the purposes of an injury claim, the Courts do not recognise Farmer's Lung as a specific category of illness in the way that mesothelioma or epilepsy is treated. That said, a claim can still be made using guideline compensation amounts for respiratory diseases generally.

Depending on the severity of a respiratory condition such as Emphysema, the Judicial College recommend general damages of between £44,275 and £56,650.

Contracting Farmer's Lung

If you have been exposed to mouldy spores for a period of hours, you might feel generally unwell, with symptoms that appear to present as a severe case of flu. You might also find that breathing is difficult and that you experience a tight feeling in your chest. The severity of your symptoms will depend on the length of exposure and on how sensitive you are to the allergen.

By avoiding coming into contact with this bacteria again, your symptoms are unlikely to recur. However, if you cannot avoid exposure, and your employer does not take appropriate safety measures, you could develop a chronic case of Farmer's Lung.

Safety measures

Safety measures should include mechanizing the handling of hay or grains, ventilating the area as much as possible, and supplying personal protective equipment (PPE). A failure to provide adequate PPE, including effective face masks, is likely to form part of the case against an employer when the risk of Farmer's Lung is known.

Proving Farmer's Lung for the purposes of a compensation claim

Your GP can refer you for tests for Farmer's Lung. You should describe your working environment as well as your symptoms to ensure you get the correct diagnosis. Farmer's Lung can be diagnosed with a blood test, x-ray of the lungs and a test of your breathing capacity. Treatments such as corticosteroids can be effective at alleviating your symptoms. However, the condition will almost certainly worsen if exposure to the mould spores continues.

Do I have a claim for farmer's lung?

If you have suffered farmer's lung in the last three years and someone else was to blame, then we can help you make a compensation claim.

Do I have a claim?

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Calculate my farmers lung compensation

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How much can I claim?

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