Ruptured Bicep Medical Negligence Compensation Claims

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If your injuries were caused by the negligence of a doctor, nurse, midwife or other medical professional, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Claiming injury compensation with a solicitor

You can make a compensation claim with the help and support of a specialist clinical negligence solicitor.

Your solicitor will ask you about what happened, and they will collect evidence to prove the negligence happened. Your solicitor will also work out how much money you can claim, based on your injuries, lost earnings and other expenses.

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A ruptured bicep is a painful injury that if not treated within weeks of injury can become very serious. Despite this GP referrals are sometimes fumbled, meaning the optimum treatment window is missed.

A ruptured bicep is when the bicep muscle becomes detached from the elbow. The condition is relatively easy to diagnose with visible symptoms that include bruising, weakened elbow and a disproportionate bulge in the upper arm.

Solicitors often handle clinical negligence claims for men in their 30's to 50's who have over-exerted themselves in the gym and experienced a painful rupturing of the bicep.

Typically the injured person will then either attend A&E or visit their GP.

Biceps injury

Why is it so important to treat the injury quickly

The bicep muscle cannot reattach itself to the bone at the elbow. Even if this was possible under the natural healing process, the bicep has contracted to the upper arm and the lower part of the muscle is no longer proximate to the elbow. After a few weeks the bicep will shorten further and car tissue will form. AT this stage operating becomes significantly more complicated and more likely to fail.

It is therefore critical that an immediate referral is made without delay.

Undiagnosed bicep rupture

All too often the condition is not correctly diagnosed. It is also common for the condition to be correctly diagnosed without an understanding of how serious such an injury can be.

It may be suggested that you have over trained and should rest or that you should take more care next time and lift lighter weights. The patient will probably follow this advice only to return to their GP weeks later and outside the optimum treatment window.

GP failure to refer

Another scenario is when a doctor or GP correctly identifies the condition but either forgets to send a letter of referral or doesn't stress the urgency of treatment when doing so.

Can I claim if the ruptured bicep medical negligence made an existing injury worse?

Yes, although demonstrating this can be more difficult, so legal and medical advice should be sought as early as possible.

What if there is no evidence?

Evidence can take the form of eyewitness accounts, CCTV footage, photographs etc. It will be difficult to win a ruptured bicep medical negligence claim with no evidence at all. You may feel that there is no evidence but a solictor may well be able to assist in collating evidence that you, as a claimant, were unaware of.

Howard Willis, Personal injury solicitor

Howard Willis, Personal injury solicitor