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A guide to making a No Win No Fee rhinoplasty claim

Rhinoplasty is a common cosmetic procedure more commonly referred to as a ?nose job'. Nose reshaping surgery does cause some initial soreness and bruising, as it involves breaking and reshaping the nose, which needs to heal fully before the results can be seen.

However, some patients find that the pain following surgery does not alleviate as quickly as expected, or experience other complications. If this happens, it may be possible to make a compensation claim.

Quittance's panel of solicitors has significant experience working on cosmetic surgery compensation claims including rhinoplasty. If you think your rhinoplasty procedure may have been performed incorrectly, we may be able to help.

Who can make a rhinoplasty compensation claim?

In order to make a compensation claim for a rhinoplasty procedure, the claimant must be able to prove that the medical professional or the practice employing the professional was negligent in their duty of care. It is not possible to claim compensation purely due to dissatisfaction.

If the rhinoplasty procedure went wrong in some way, a claim for negligence could be made. Complications might arise due to procedural error:

  • Infection
  • Excessive bruising
  • Nerve injury
  • Breathing problems
  • Further nose damage
  • Blood clots

Every medical professional has a duty of care to make best endeavours in protecting patients from harm. If a medical professional breaches this duty of care, a claim for negligence may be possible.

A claim could also be made if the practice or medical professional failed to adequately inform the patient of the risks and the options available. Practitioners must give patients the necessary information to make an informed decision prior to surgery, including warning them of possible complications. If the patient is not properly informed, this is known as 'failure to advise'.

Who can the rhinoplasty claim be made against?

The compensation claim can be made against the medical practitioner who performed the rhinoplasty, or against the practice they work for.

There has been a rise in popularity of plastic surgery in recent years, which has resulted in an increased number of plastic surgery practices. Because cosmetic surgery is not as heavily regulated as many other medical disciplines, there is a risk of procedures being performed by untrained or inexperienced staff.

What can be claimed for?

Due to the nature of cosmetic surgery, when procedures go wrong the effects can be damaging both psychologically as well as physically. Rhinoplasty can be particularly damaging to a person's self-esteem, as the nose is such a prominent facial feature impacting on physical appearance. Rhinoplasty compensation claims will take into account:

  • The pain and suffering caused
  • Psychological impact
  • Income lost due to incapacitation
  • The medical costs of any corrective procedures

100% No Win, No Fee rhinoplasty injury compensation claim - Pay nothing if you lose your claim

Typically a no win no fee agreement ( known as a Conditional Fee Agreement or CFA) is put in place between a claimant and a qualified lawyer.

A CFA is essentially the conditions under which the solicitor is instructed by their client.

It sets out what the solicitor will actually do and how he or she will be paid if the compensation claim is won.

If you use Quittance for your rhinoplasty injury claim there are no extra fees , nothing to pay up-front and the complete peace of mind that you will never be financially out of pocket.

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