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According to the Centre for Workforce Intelligence, approximately half a million people in the UK suffer from facial injuries every year.

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Many of these injuries relate to the cheekbones. Compensation claims for cheekbone injuries, also referred to as zygomatic or malar bones, have been made in a wide variety of circumstances, including criminal assault, road traffic accidents, a slip or trip, an accident at work, or as a result of clinical negligence.

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Do I have a claim for a cheekbone injury?

If you have suffered a cheekbone injury in the last three years (longer if children were involved) and someone else was to blame, then we can help you make a compensation claim.

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Identifying who can be held liable for a cheekbone injury

If you have suffered a fractured or damaged cheekbone, liability is dependent on where the accident occurred, and whether the party responsible owed you a duty of care.

For example, if your cheekbone injury is the result of being in a road traffic accident, it is likely that the driver who caused the accident is responsible.

An accident at work, such as tripping over cables, pallets or other items, or being hit by something that has fallen from a height, can result in serious injury. Your employer has a duty to protect staff injury. This duty extends to requiring employers to provide adequate facial protection if there is reasonable risk of injury to the face.

If an accident on another person's property results in a cheekbone injury, the owner or occupier of that property is most likely to be responsible. The owner or occupier has a duty to ensure that the premises are safe for use - if a visitor is injured as a result of something the owner/occupier has done or failed to do, that duty has been breached and a claim can likely be made.

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Criminal compensation for cheekbone injuries

If you have been attacked and sustained a cheekbone injury as a result, you may be able to pursue the attacker for compensation. If you are not able to identify the person who caused your injury, or they are not in a position to pay out compensation, you may be able to claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation scheme. This is a government funded scheme that allows victims of crime to be compensated even if the criminal responsible cannot be identified or is otherwise unable to pay compensation.

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Calculate my cheekbone injury compensation

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The Courts are recommended to award general damages for a skeletal injury to the face, and for facial disfigurement. Damages will take into account lost earnings and treatment costs arising from the accident. This can potentially include private medical care and cosmetic surgery if necessary.

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No Win, No Fee cheekbone injury claims explained

A cheekbone injury No Win, No Fee compensation claim is started with an injured Claimant signing up to a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) with a solicitor.

The CFA sets out the work executed by the lawyer and the success fee. This success fee will be the fee to be taken from your damages when the claim is won.

Find total peace of mind knowing that there will be absolutely nothing to pay at the outset. There are no hidden fees when choosing a Quittance solicitor.

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Road traffic accident claims

Every year almost 200,000* people are injured on Britain's roads. If you have been injured in a road accident that was not your fault, you can claim compensation.

Find out more about claiming cheekbone injury compensation for a road accident: Read more about road accident claims

*Source: Official Department of Transport statistics (

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Accidents at work - Claims against your employer

Every year, 600,000* employees are injured in accidents at work. If you have suffered an injury or illness at work, you may able to claim compensation.

Find out if you can claim cheekbone injury compensation from your employer: Read more about work accident claims

*Source: 2016/17 Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report

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