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A guide to making a No Win No Fee bowel injury claim

Data from the NHS and Cancer Research UK indicate that 100,000's of people in the UK are affected by bowel injury and illness. The Courts recognise that bowel injury can have serious, long-term care and treatment needs, and compensation awards take these factors into account.

Whether the bowel injury or bowel-related illness was caused by medical negligence, a road accident or as the result of an employer or other party's negligence, it may be possible to claim compensation.

Common bowel injury compensation claims

The majority of bowel injuries are sustained as a result of either medical negligence or high-impact collision accidents.

Bowel injury caused by medical negligence

Where there is a risk of bowel injury during a surgical procedure medical staff should be prepared to take appropriate remedial action. In cases of medical negligence during or after a surgical procedure, the failure or error in care may result in the need for further corrective surgery. Further surgery increases the risk of complications, such as septicaemia (blood poisoning) and also increases overall recovery time.

Even if you have signed a consent form accepting the risks of a surgical procedure, you may still be able to make a claim if negligence of failures in medical care are proven.

In some cases a bowel injury may have been preventable with the appropriate level of medical attention and care. For example, a perforated or leaking bowel should be urgently repaired to prevent septicaemia, or a blocked or twisted bowel should be treated by medical staff as a surgical emergency.

Quittance's network of solicitors can also assist with bowel cancer misdiagnosis claims, damage to bowels during childbirth and damage following radiotherapy.

Medical staff may fail to identify potential causes of bowel injury, or there may be an error or failures in the speed and standard of care provided. Where bowel injury has been caused as a result of medical negligence, or failures in standards of medical care, it may be possible to make a bowel injury claim.

Bowel injury caused by high impact collision

Bowel injury may also be sustained due to a high impact collision, such as in a car accident. In this case, a bowel injury claim may be made against the party responsible for the collision which caused the injury.

Your solicitor will assist with identifying the driver or company responsible. It is possible to claim in the event even if the other driver is untraceable.

How much bowel injury compensation can I claim?

Personal injury compensation for bowel injuries takes into any account longer-term and permanent life-changes resulting from the injury, such as colostomy or ileostomy. Settlements also provide compensation for resulting long-term bowel problems and ongoing pain and suffering.

If you have sustained a bowel injury as a result of the negligence of another, your compensation claim can be made for:
  • Personal pain and suffering - both immediate and on-going
  • Medical treatment expenses
  • Loss of earnings - both during recovery, and loss of future earnings as a result of the on-going effects of the injury
  • Loss of amenity - where your personal life, hobbies and social activities have been affected by the injury
  • Associated expenses - such as travel costs to hospital, hiring household help, or making adjustments to your home to accommodate your injury
An independent medical report detailing your bowel injury will be required to support your claim. Your solicitor will arrange this for you.
If liability for your bowel injury is admitted while your claim is in process, your lawyer may be able to obtain an interim payment on your behalf. This interim payment will be given to ease any immediate financial burden and to enable any urgent private medical treatment to go ahead.

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Typically a no win no fee agreement (also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement) is agreed between the claimant and a specialist injury lawyer.

The no win no fee agreement is the conditions under which the solicitor works for the claimant.

It sets out what the lawyer will do as well as how he or she is remunerated if the legal case is won.

If you choose Quittance Personal Injury for your bowel injury claim there will be no additional charges , no up-front fees and the complete peace of mind that you wont be financially out of pocket.

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