Warehouse injury compensation claims

The following guide sets out everything you should know about making a warehouse accident compensation claim.

How much can I claim?

A warehouse can contain many hazards that could cause injury. Warehouse accidents have resulted in forklift truck accident claims, claims for falling object-related injuries and claims following slip and trip accidents.

These work accident claims commonly succeed if it can be demonstrated that the employer or operator of the warehouse premises breached health and safety regulations or other legislation.

Do I have a claim for a warehouse injury?

If you have suffered a warehouse injury in the last three years and someone else was to blame, then we can help you make a compensation claim.

Do I have a claim?

Common warehouse accidents

Slips, trips and falls

If warehouse goods or equipment are not stored safely and correctly, they can create hazards and result in injuries from people slipping, tripping or falling. Items that can result in accidents from tripping or falling include:

  • Poorly discarded packaging or strapping
  • Improperly stored goods - for example boxes sticking out into aisles

Warehouse staff may also slip on things such as:

  • Spilt liquids like paint, water or oil that have not been cleaned up properly
  • Slippery items like plastic packaging

Claims for slips, trips and falls in warehouses are often made following injuries including bruises, lacerations and fractures. Claims for serious head, spine and crush injuries are likely to include compensation for long-term care and treatment costs.

Falling Objects

If items in a warehouse are not stored properly on high shelves or pallets, they present a risk to warehouse workers. Even small objects pose a real risk of injury.

The premises should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure the risk of such accidents is appropriately managed. If these checks have not occurred, and an injury occurs, a subsequent claim has a good chance of success.

Falls from height

Workers are often required to work at height in warehouses, stacking goods on shelves or retrieving items stored at height. Some employees may work from elevated machinery such as cherry pickers. Working from ladders or elevated platforms means there is a risk of employees falling and being injured.

The Work at Height Regulations 2005 (amended in 2007) are intended to protect everyone who is required to work at height. The regulations state that employers should avoid asking workers to work at heights wherever possible. If working at height is unavoidable, safety equipment should be used to prevent falls from height. Employers should also ensure that employees are thoroughly trained for working at height.

Manual Handling Injuries

Lifting and moving heavy objects is a common requirement for staff in warehouses. But lifting or moving heavy or large objects can result in back injuries, sprains, injured muscles, and foot injuries from dropping items.

The Manual Handling Operations Regulation 1992 (amended in 2002) are designed to protect workers from injuries resulting from manual handling. Employers are required to eliminate any manual handling that is not completely necessary. This might require the introduction of machinery and lifting equipment like forklift trucks, winches and leverage devices.

Employers must carry out a risk assessment of all manual handling that cannot be eliminated and which may cause injury. Employers are also required to reduce the risk of injury from manual handling as much as possible.

Guaranteed No Win No Fee - Pay nothing if you lose your claim

A no win no fee agreement (more correctly known as a Conditional Fee Agreement) is agreed between a claimant and a qualified solicitor.

A Conditional Fee Agreement is the terms under which the solicitor works for the client.

It sets out what the solicitors will do as well as how they will be remunerated if your legal case is ultimately successful.

If you use our solicitors for your warehouse accident claim there are absolutely no hidden charges , no up-front fees and the complete peace of mind that you will never be out of pocket.

Calculate my warehouse injury compensation

The amount of compensation you will receive depends on a number of factors. Our work accident compensation calculator provides an accurate estimate of your likely compensation.

How much can I claim?

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