Rakhi Chauhan

Rakhi is a qualified solicitor in the Quittance panel road traffic accident team.

She has considerable experience in all aspects of personal injury.  Over the past 15 years she has increasingly specialised in motorcycle accident claims. She is particularly adept at settling claims where liability is disputed and is expert at the application of case law. extensive case law.  

Her experience includes successful outcomes for claimants who have sustained mild, moderate and serious brain injuries, multiple breaks and fractures, shoulder/clavicle fractures and complex injuries to the legs and knees.

Her case successes include:

Serious fractures sustained by motorcyclist

The claimant sustained serious clavicle fractures, brachial plexus injury and minor head injuries.

The defendant disputed liability was disputed claiming that the claimant was "filtering" when the accident occurred.  Following a refusal to mediate, the case progressed to court and the defendant was found to be completely laible.

The court awarded damages totalling £120,000.

Various serious injuries sustained by motorcyclist

Following a serious motorcycle accident where a claimant suffered head, joint and soft tissue injuries, Rhaki's's client was unable to continue in his job. Shaida secured a successful outcome with the claim settling for for £110,000.

Various fracture injuries sustained by motorcyclist 

The claimant received various injuries including a fractured elbow, pelvic ring and femur when the defendant failed to give way at a junction.   The matter progressed to court and settled for £75,000 settled for £75,000 which included a claim for disadvantage on the open labour market and future medical expenses.

Fatal car acident

The claimant’s father was proceeding along a country road when an lorry veered into his lane and the claimant was forced into a tree.  The driver died at the scene of the accident.  The matter proceeded to court and a final settlement was of £80,000 was awarded.