Paul Carvis | Solicitor

Paul studied in London, qualifying as a solicitor in 1972, starting his career in the West End before becoming Managing Partner in 1979. During his career Paul has served as a Deputy District Judge giving him a uniquely broad understanding of the claims process.

"My experience as a Deputy District Judge taught me to see things from all angles, which I found a tremendous benefit when I dealt with my own clients. The mix of solicitor and judge I think gives me an experience few can offer."

Paul is a member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel and member of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

"I believe the depth of personal injury work I have dealt with means I can ensure all my clients get a fair hearing. I often find myself speaking with people who have been told they cannot make a claim, so when I know I can help them I get a great satisfaction from it."

Paul represents clients in all areas all areas of personal injury law, often settling high value complex cases where life changing injuries have occurred.

"Increasingly I find myself acting for people who have received a less than satisfactory service from their previous solicitor. This us a troubleshooting role - inheriting a semi progressed case, getting it back on track without delay and pushing hard for maximum compensation."

Paul is also acting on more and more cases involving is accidents on holiday abroad.

"The holiday companies try to brush things under the carpet, or get away with paying virtually nothing. I make sure that this doesn't happen, ensuring an accident while you are on holiday is dealt with fairly."

Why Paul joined Quittance

Paul is a key and senior member of the Quittance personal injury solicitor team.

"Quittance have an innate understanding of the needs of those injured as a result of another persona's negligence. Their compassionate approach to helping people was something I had to be part of."

Other Accreditations

Paul Carvis is a member of the Law Society

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