Louise Callaghan

Louise advises the Quittance team in nurturing an understanding of the issues and concerns faced by people suffering from illness or injury.

Louise studied Sport Science and obtained Bsc Degree in 1994.

"Coming from an athletic family background I was always keen to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle, so I began my career as a Lifestyle Advisor for the Vale of Glamorgan Health and Wellness Centres which were established in 1993."

During her career she has gained experience in a broad range of disciplines including alternative healing practices. Louise has worked with organisations specialising in rejuvenation classes for those with severe learning disabilities. She has also assisted Arts Therapists in creative Arts and Movement programmes and workshops.

Louise has been involved in work and social projects in London and Barcelona.

Why does Louise work with Quittance?

"Although Quittance are primarily there to help facilitate compensation, I share the company's empathetic approach to helping people suffering from illness or injury. Quittance was a fantastic opportunity for me to apply my health programme experience in the world of personal injury."