Lorraine McIntyre

Lorraine is highly experienced in online consumer legal services marketing. Since 2006 she has worked with some of the most notable property legal and personal injury brands.

After graduating with high honours in Fine Arts, Lorraine worked as a supporting artist for Carlos Cruz Diez in Paris before moving into advertising.

She worked as a Creative Director with a number of agencies in Paris, London and Montreal before founding Joy London and 56a Design who specialise in advising law firms in the UK.

Why Lorraine joined Quittance

Lorraine joined Quittance in order to spearhead the online marketing strategy of the company.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed advising lawyers on how to meet the challenges facing a sector in desperate need of modernisation. Quittance have adopted a progressive and client-centric approach that is rare in the legal sector. The team are a breath of fresh air and I was delighted to join the project".